Tuesday 24 May 2016


Maybelline is now back with their first 3D eyes palette! They had initially come up the Diamond Glow and the Nude palettes. These new ones are small in size and has 5 eye shadows to use.

Maybelline Color Sensational 3D Eye Shadow

Available Shades:
These are available in 3 different shades and I have Sapphire Blue: a mix of blues and silvers.
  Topaz Gold
  Rose Quartz
  Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue

Rs. 575/- INR for 2.4 gm

Packaging & Formula:
The eye shadows come in a square shaped small packaging which is quite sturdy. It also has an applicator which is thick at one end and thin on the other. The palette as 5 eye shadows 1 brow highlighter, 2 medium tones/base color, a dark/liner color and a shimmery shade/top color.
To my surprise, the shadows are not much pigmented! A lot of product is required for the colors to show up on the eye lids. The formula is smooth, very shimmery and hard to build up. If applied with a base coat/eye primer, it might be brighter.

Swatches & Look:

I was not impressed by the product. The eye shadows are quite opaque and does not show up without a lot of hard work or an eye primer. With the small box and the design, the pans to hold eye shadows are quite small and not so easy to work with. There are other palettes in the market which would prove a better buy at this price.


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