Wednesday 25 May 2016


Lipsticks are one beauty product in your stash that can immediately lift up your face, mood and day! Just apply it and you are good to be anywhere :).
But just like every rose has thorns, lipsticks also has some problems. There are lipstick stains on your teeth..your dress, broken tips and so many other problems! I have gathered a few of such problems along with their easy solutions to help you enjoy your glow without getting upset with lipsticks!!

Issue #1 Broken Lipstick:

You took one of your favourite lipstick to apply and saw its tip falling down on the floor! My worst nightmare that often turns into reality :(
A quick and easy solution: take the broken tip and place it above the lighter to melt a bit. Quickly press the two parts together for few seconds, clean the edges and place the lipstick in your refrigerator for 1 hour. And your lipstick is back in shape, ready to be used!!

Issue #2 Lipstick Drying Out On Your Lips:

Matte lipsticks generally tend to make your lips very dry.
In order to prevent this, apply lip balm sometime before you start getting ready. Before putting the lipstick, take a tissue paper and blot away all the excess balm from your lips. Now you can apply the lipstick normally and enjoy your hydrated lips!!

Issue #3 Lipstick Stain on Your Favourite Shirt:

Do not panic!
Put some cold water on the stain, let it soak. Apply some dish soap on it, rub it over and let it stay for 15 minutes. Wash it off with normal water and your stain is gone! If you had a dark lipstick, apply this twice.

Issue #4 Lipstick On Your Teeth:

Imagine a picture of yours where you see lipstick on your teeth and the pictures has been shared with everyone!
Just when you apply your lipstick, make 'O' with your lips and stick your index finger inside your mouth. When you take it out, all the excess lipstick will be on the finger and you are good to go!

Issue #5 Lipstick Bleeding From Edges:

Just apply a bit of concealer all along your lip edges and blend it properly. The concealer stops the lipstick from bleeding out and keeps it intact!

Issue #6 Unable To Take Off the Lipstick While Removing Your Makeup:

You applied a dark lipstick and it simply denies to come off your lips! 
Apply a good amount of clear lip balm/petroleum jelly and leave it for 15 minutes. Wipe it with a clean cotton ball, apply some scrub and finally clean it with the makeup remover/face wash. Your lips are now back to their original colour!

Hope you like all the hacks and can use it when required. Do let me know if it was helpful or you have more tips to share.

Until then..

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