Sunday 24 December 2017

Winter Makeup Essentials: Tips & Tricks!


Welcome to the Winter Express - Blog Train where 33 awesome bloggers write about different topics related to this beautiful winter season from their own unique perspectives. Expect tips and tricks, recipes, stories, cherished memories and many more. You would love to have a magical ride with our Winter Express.
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I would like to thank Amritkaur for sending the Winter Express to my station.

So let's start with today's topic!

Monday 18 December 2017

Things I Finally Finished: Hit Or A Miss?

Hello Everyone!

When you are a shopaholic like me, using any product till the end is like winning an award! My drawers are always over flowing and still there is a huge list of products which I want to buy 😀😊. Well that's the story of a Blogger's life but let's come back to today's topic. So, I finally used a few of my products completely and I am here with my final review on them.