Monday 30 May 2016


The world is full of stripes!! You see it everywhere and every time..

I have been loving the stripes lately as they are super easy to incorporate in your it a daily wear or for a party! Pair a striped top with denim or wear a single piece.. play with striped skirts/pants or wear a cool striped footwear.. you have unlimited options :)

I have picked a few striped pieces and come up with 3 different looks.

Look 1:
A striped skater dress with bright Orange heels. The dress has black & white stripes on the top and navy blue at the bottom. Paired with delicate necklace, bright eyes and lips and you are ready!

Look 2:
A Simple T Shirt dress with a heavy neck piece, a big watch , jazzy bracelet,dark nails and some heels.. you are all set to rock the party!!

Look 3:
Pair your striped T shirt with your favourite denim! Throw in some big shades, gladiators and celebrate your Sunday brunch :)

Outfit Details

  Look 1: Dress     - Charlotte Russe
                Wedges - Footin Store

  Look 2: T Shirt Dress - Bugis Street Singapore
                Wedges         - Footin Store
                 Accessories  - Bangalore Local Store
                 Watch           - Fasttrack

  Look 3: Top                   - Max Store
                Gladiators        - Catwalk
                Blue Sling Bag - Mumbai Street Shopping

  Worked Along With: Manju Sharma
Hope you liked them!! Stripes are one thing that can be styled in endless ways, with no right or wrong about it.. Style yourself just the way you like and with some confidence..and rock the world!!

Wednesday 25 May 2016


Lipsticks are one beauty product in your stash that can immediately lift up your face, mood and day! Just apply it and you are good to be anywhere :).
But just like every rose has thorns, lipsticks also has some problems. There are lipstick stains on your teeth..your dress, broken tips and so many other problems! I have gathered a few of such problems along with their easy solutions to help you enjoy your glow without getting upset with lipsticks!!

Issue #1 Broken Lipstick:

You took one of your favourite lipstick to apply and saw its tip falling down on the floor! My worst nightmare that often turns into reality :(
A quick and easy solution: take the broken tip and place it above the lighter to melt a bit. Quickly press the two parts together for few seconds, clean the edges and place the lipstick in your refrigerator for 1 hour. And your lipstick is back in shape, ready to be used!!

Issue #2 Lipstick Drying Out On Your Lips:

Matte lipsticks generally tend to make your lips very dry.
In order to prevent this, apply lip balm sometime before you start getting ready. Before putting the lipstick, take a tissue paper and blot away all the excess balm from your lips. Now you can apply the lipstick normally and enjoy your hydrated lips!!

Issue #3 Lipstick Stain on Your Favourite Shirt:

Do not panic!
Put some cold water on the stain, let it soak. Apply some dish soap on it, rub it over and let it stay for 15 minutes. Wash it off with normal water and your stain is gone! If you had a dark lipstick, apply this twice.

Issue #4 Lipstick On Your Teeth:

Imagine a picture of yours where you see lipstick on your teeth and the pictures has been shared with everyone!
Just when you apply your lipstick, make 'O' with your lips and stick your index finger inside your mouth. When you take it out, all the excess lipstick will be on the finger and you are good to go!

Issue #5 Lipstick Bleeding From Edges:

Just apply a bit of concealer all along your lip edges and blend it properly. The concealer stops the lipstick from bleeding out and keeps it intact!

Issue #6 Unable To Take Off the Lipstick While Removing Your Makeup:

You applied a dark lipstick and it simply denies to come off your lips! 
Apply a good amount of clear lip balm/petroleum jelly and leave it for 15 minutes. Wipe it with a clean cotton ball, apply some scrub and finally clean it with the makeup remover/face wash. Your lips are now back to their original colour!

Hope you like all the hacks and can use it when required. Do let me know if it was helpful or you have more tips to share.

Until then..

Tuesday 24 May 2016


Maybelline is now back with their first 3D eyes palette! They had initially come up the Diamond Glow and the Nude palettes. These new ones are small in size and has 5 eye shadows to use.

Maybelline Color Sensational 3D Eye Shadow

Available Shades:
These are available in 3 different shades and I have Sapphire Blue: a mix of blues and silvers.
  Topaz Gold
  Rose Quartz
  Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue

Rs. 575/- INR for 2.4 gm

Packaging & Formula:
The eye shadows come in a square shaped small packaging which is quite sturdy. It also has an applicator which is thick at one end and thin on the other. The palette as 5 eye shadows 1 brow highlighter, 2 medium tones/base color, a dark/liner color and a shimmery shade/top color.
To my surprise, the shadows are not much pigmented! A lot of product is required for the colors to show up on the eye lids. The formula is smooth, very shimmery and hard to build up. If applied with a base coat/eye primer, it might be brighter.

Swatches & Look:

I was not impressed by the product. The eye shadows are quite opaque and does not show up without a lot of hard work or an eye primer. With the small box and the design, the pans to hold eye shadows are quite small and not so easy to work with. There are other palettes in the market which would prove a better buy at this price.


Saturday 21 May 2016


I am someone who always wants to experiment with her hairstyle.. sometimes a U ..sometimes layers. The only thing I was always afraid of was to have short hair!

But this time, it was different. Rohit from Nomad Haircuts reached out to me to collaborate and do something new and asked me what I wanted. That question actually made me think for sometime. I finally decided to go for the short hair as that would be a completely new thing for me!

Nomad Haircuts
 "Bespoke haircuts designed with consideration & thought for your personality and lifestyle. Done in the comfort and convenience of your home."

Nomad Haircuts

After several mail conversations and suggestions, the D-day and To-Go look was decided! I was extremely happy to enjoy the haircut at my home itself based on my convenience. It took around one hour for the makeover and this was my new look!!

Immediately after the hair cut

My Reaction:
I loved my new look!! Even after deciding the look, I was quite sceptical on how it would look on me. My head feels quite light and I am enjoying my summers without any hair hassles!

My Experience with Nomad Haircuts:
Nomads Haircuts gave me the flexibility to get the cut done after understanding and visualizing what would suit my personality. The best part was getting it all done at my home at my time. I enjoyed my haircut along with a good chat with Rohit. Everything was done very smoothly and the house was left all clean after the cut!

Interesting fact was that Nomad Haircuts does not have any salon or shop and Rohit works on his own at client's place. Overall, I am very happy by the services and excited for the new cut :). If you are in Bangalore, you should surely give Nomad Haircuts a try!

I was so happy to know that my hair which was cut can be donated to a Cancer Trust for making wigs for Cancer patients. All I had to do was send them my hair which was 12 inches or more long! I felt very contented and happy to help someone unknowingly :)


Contact Nomad Haircuts:

*Complimentary services provided by the Brand

Thursday 19 May 2016


Hello Everyone!

One thing that I forgot to mention about myself was that I had no clue of makeup (even basics!!),until I got married! It was post marriage that I got introduced to kajal and lipsticks :). And it took me few more years to finally understand, know it and start writing about it!

While trying to learn about all the makeup products, I always tried to ignore blushes. As per me, they were not part of the everyday makeup routine and can be left behind. Moreover, whenever I applied it, I ended up looking either like a joker or a patient. That really made me ignore the blushes more. Gradually, after following all my favourite beauty bloggers, watching their videos, I was able to understand the importance of the blush and also how to use them :)

Now, when I do not plan on putting a lot of makeup, I apply some compact powder, blush and I am good to go! So, I am here today to show all the pink tone blushes that use on regular basis.

My Pink Blushes

Shade & Price:

  1. Nyx Blush (PB28) - Rs. 700/- for 4 gm. I bought this from the new Sephora shop that opened in Forum Mall, Bengaluru. These are now also available online at Amazon or Flipkart at different prices. It is a very beautiful bright pink shade that immediately adds a natural pink glow to my face.

    NYX PB28

  2. Kiss Beauty Perfect Baked Blusher (Miracle) - Rs. 260/- for 8 gm. I came across this blusher at a local shop in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I had heard a lot about Kiss Beauty concealers, so thought of giving this a try. The shade is not so bright on your cheeks as it is in the picture. It has very small shimmer particles and a light pink colour. I also use it as a highlighter to brighten up my face.

    Kiss Beauty Miracle

  3. Lakme Forever Bloom (Ritu Beri Day) - Rs. 200/-. This is the first blush that I ever bought! Light pink in colour and highly pigmented. It has a very smooth texture with a very long staying power.

    Lakme Forever Bloom Ritu Beri Day

  4. Maybelline Cheeky Glow (Creamy Cinnamon, Fresh Coral, Peachy Sweetie) - Rs. 250/- for 7 gm. These Maybelline blushes are so bright and beautiful and costs so less! I love all the shades and there are my Go To blushes on daily basis. Creamy Cinnamon is light pink with brownish undertone. Fresh Coral is a bright shade and Peachy Sweetie is a little bit lighter that coral one. These are easily available online and in all the cosmetics shops.

    Maybelline Cheeky Glow 

  5. Makeup Revolution Blush (Love) - Rs. 420/- for 3.4 gm. I got this from Jabong during sale for Rs. 250/-. This is a beautiful everyday blush. Not very pigmented but can be easily built up. 

    MUR Love

  6. Maybelline Fit Me (208 Medium Nude) - Rs. 400/- for 4.5 gm. I got this again from Jabong for Rs. 300/- during sale. It has tiny shimmer particles with light pink shade. When applied you don't need a highlighter as this adds that glow to your face
Maybelline Fit Me 208 Medium Nude


In Natural Light

In Yellow Light

I hope you liked all the shades! Do let me know if you have any suggestions for me so that I can explore more!

Until Then..

Tuesday 17 May 2016


As every month begins, I get anxious for my Fab Bag and to find out what's in it!!

This month's Bag is based on the theme 'The Summer Escapade' and comes in a bright green mesh packaging.

May Fab Bag

This month Fab Bag has below products:
  • A pamphlet with all the product details
  • Some discount coupon :)
  • Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash (Rs. 400/- for 145 ml) - The bag has a 30 ml bottle. The face wash smells completely of tea tree oil. As we know tea tree is quite effective in case of acne and scars, I am looking forward to use this face wash :) 

  • Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30 (Rs. 225/- for 75 ml) - Loved the packaging colour! Never imagined brown and orange looks so amazing together :). This is a full size sunscreen with gel texture. It has a SPF 30 with a mild fragrance. The sunscreen seems to get absorbed quickly and not greasy at all! I think this is really going to be helpful in this summer :)

  • The Nature's Co White Tea Night Cream (Rs. 895/- for 50 ml) - The bag has a 20 ml box, white cream with a mild fragrance. For first impression, the texture is quite creamy and gets absorbed easily. Looking forward to try this one!

  • Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette (SS11 Rs. 900/- for full size) - I got it in a beautiful purplish shade but unfortunately it was broken :(. I immediately reached out to Fab Bag team and they confirmed that they would be sending me a fresh YAY!!

I really liked the colours and the texture and cannot wait to try it!

The Broken Eye Shadow Palette

This month's bag has 2 full size and 2 sample products along with some discount codes for the next purchase. Apart from the broken eye shadow palette, I liked the products. 

Also, I was quite happy with the Fab Bag team's fast response. I will surely know you all as soon as I get the replaced palette and will come with a look using that palette :)

Until then..

Saturday 14 May 2016


Who doesn't like to get pampered? Visiting a salon or spa is the most awaited one as we get the opportunity to forget everything (well, almost everything!!) and relax our mind & body.

After shifting my house, I was in search of one such salon that makes me feel comfortable and helps me to relax. I came across the building which read 'The Roots - Unisex Salon, Beauty, Spa & Ayurveda' and thought of giving it a try.

The Roots - Unisex Salon, Beauty, Spa & Ayurveda

First Impression:

On entering, I was quite impressed with the complete monochromatic theme of the salon. It was elegant and soothing, which made me feel that I am at the right place!!

The salon has huge area to cover all the services ranging from threading to ayurvedic massages. The space is smartly separated, making it look neat and well organized. And to add to the beauty, white flowing curtains were used as separators, giving the place a unique charm.

I opted for their packaging service which included paraffin manicure, paraffin pedicure, oxy bleach, pearl facial and threading for Rs. 2599/- only. The p
ackages seemed to be quite reasonably priced, covering all the required services.

I was given a clean garment to change and we started with the bleach  & facial. The facial felt so good that I actually fell into sleep! 
It was followed by the paraffin manicure and pedicure. The products used and the massage was just what I wanted and made me relax completely.

                                                                         Room for the Facial and massages

Overall, I quite liked the salon. It is new, very friendly staff, has all good brand products, ayurvedic therapies and all the required services.

One thing that caught my attention was the power situation. Since, it is a newly opened one, they are still working on their power backup options. With that being resolved, the salon is definitely worth the try!


Salon's website:

                                                                                          Amazing Staffs

I am enjoying my pedicure!!

                                                               Ayurvedic Massage Room

Thursday 5 May 2016


Hello Everyone!!

Another month came to an end and I am here with my April Favourites!!

April was quite hot, gradually making it very hard to move with too much of makeup :(. It is the time when I focus more on the skincare and try to use less amount of makeup products! Same is also shown in my April's Favourites as well!!

April Favourites

Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes - these comes up as your saviours during summer time! Quite handy with a beautiful fragrance, these wipes is one thing that should always be in your purse.

Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer - Primers are very helpful during summers as they help to make your makeup last long. It also controls all the sweat and the excessive oil, making the face looking smooth. I am a huge fan of the Colorbar Primer as it does not make my face all sweaty and gives me an added glow!!

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

La Rooche Posay Effaclar Duo - I have a combination skin which tends to breakout quite often :(. After trying out several creams/serums, I came across this one. The cream is specially for people with oily skin but it worked out quite well for me. I can see reduced scars, less breakouts along with a moisturised face. I have been using it on daily basis and currently on my 2 nd tube!!

La Rooche Posay Effaclar Duo

Victoria Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist - Who wants to smell bad the whole day??? :) The mist from VS is an amazing one to be used during summers. It makes me feel so refreshing and also doesn't leave any mark when applied on your body!

Victoria Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist

Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8 Hrs Stay Lipstick - A reddish orange shade which is perfect for daily use. The lipstick has a creamy matte texture and it immediately helps brighten my face :)

Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8 Hrs Stay Lipstick

Multi Coloured Shades - I am just in love with these!!! These protect my eyes from the harsh sunlight and also makes me look glamorous :). Although, I have few more sun glasses but this has been in my purse since I bought these.

And my list for this month ends here!! It is quite tough to pick only a handful of products but these are the ones without which I cannot live :)

Let me know what have you been loving lately and your April's favourites!!

Until then..