Saturday 21 May 2016


I am someone who always wants to experiment with her hairstyle.. sometimes a U ..sometimes layers. The only thing I was always afraid of was to have short hair!

But this time, it was different. Rohit from Nomad Haircuts reached out to me to collaborate and do something new and asked me what I wanted. That question actually made me think for sometime. I finally decided to go for the short hair as that would be a completely new thing for me!

Nomad Haircuts
 "Bespoke haircuts designed with consideration & thought for your personality and lifestyle. Done in the comfort and convenience of your home."

Nomad Haircuts

After several mail conversations and suggestions, the D-day and To-Go look was decided! I was extremely happy to enjoy the haircut at my home itself based on my convenience. It took around one hour for the makeover and this was my new look!!

Immediately after the hair cut

My Reaction:
I loved my new look!! Even after deciding the look, I was quite sceptical on how it would look on me. My head feels quite light and I am enjoying my summers without any hair hassles!

My Experience with Nomad Haircuts:
Nomads Haircuts gave me the flexibility to get the cut done after understanding and visualizing what would suit my personality. The best part was getting it all done at my home at my time. I enjoyed my haircut along with a good chat with Rohit. Everything was done very smoothly and the house was left all clean after the cut!

Interesting fact was that Nomad Haircuts does not have any salon or shop and Rohit works on his own at client's place. Overall, I am very happy by the services and excited for the new cut :). If you are in Bangalore, you should surely give Nomad Haircuts a try!

I was so happy to know that my hair which was cut can be donated to a Cancer Trust for making wigs for Cancer patients. All I had to do was send them my hair which was 12 inches or more long! I felt very contented and happy to help someone unknowingly :)


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*Complimentary services provided by the Brand

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