Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Australis GRLBOSS Demi Matte Lip Cream

Hello Everyone!

Today I am here with the review of the Australis GRLBOSS demi matte lip cream. This is one of most recent addition to the Australis family and as soon as I saw the packaging, I know I had to get it. Let's see if it is as good as it looks!


A soft, velvety demi-matte lip cream that is lightweight and long-lasting. Feel empowered and slay all day!

Price & Availability:

$14.95 AUD . It is available online on Australis website and on Priceline (shops & store).

Available Shades:

It is available in 10 gorgeous shades and I love their names!


Packaging & Texture:

The first thing that got my attention is the packaging of the lipstick. You can see how gorgeous and outstanding it is! The lipstick comes in beautiful rose gold packaging with GRLBOSS embossed on the top. The shade names are printed at the bottom and you can also see the shade through the small transparent part at the bottom. Its like one of the most gorgeous lipstick I have ever seen. Put it on top of your makeup desk or even in your pictures, these immediately adds a glam to it. The wand is also quite long and perfectly sized to cover the lips nicely. It bends just a little bit which makes it easy to apply the lipstick in the corners.

Coming to the texture of the lipstick, it has a demi matte texture. I heard the word 'DEMI MATTE' for the first time and was quite curious to know about it. Demi actually means 'half' in French. So, this is actually a velvety, matte lipstick which feels easy on your lips and does not dry up completely.

My Experience:

I love all my matte lipsticks and generally don't like putting the velvety ones any more. Mostly because they do not stay on the lips at all and leaves stains everywhere. You take a sip of water, your glass gets painted and half of your lipstick is gone! However, I have very dry lips and matte ones sometimes really hurt my lips. They get even drier and feels uneasy.

This is where the Demi mattes comes in!

The lipstick glides on beautifully on my lips and I am able to apply it in all the corners of my lips. They feel very comfortable to wear throughout the day and you can reapply on top as and when needed. This does transfer whenever you use your lips but not completely. The best part is, even though it transfers, it stays on your lips for a good 5-6 hours. You can reapply in between to keep the colour intact but I don't feel the need. Apart from the texture, the lipstick also smell very delicious and I just love that.

Shade Swatch and How It Looks On Me:

I picked up the shade 'SUCCESS' for myself which is a very beautiful pinky everyday nude. And this has been on my lips non stop ever since I got it! So you can say I am surely enjoying a break from the drying mattes! I am in love with their formula and the shade and I have already decided to pick 2 more shades from the collection very soon.

Australis GRLBOSS Demi Matte in Shade SUCCESS



Have you tried the GRLBOSS demi mattes yet?


  1. Such a lovely shade it is. I would love to try it. :)

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  2. I love matte colours. And during winters love such beautiful shades

  3. This lipstick shade is very beautiful. I can use it for everyday purpose.

  4. i love the Packaging & Texture .. also the shades a nice and look creamy

  5. Do they ship to India? I am hearing of this brand for the first time.

  6. I loved the shade and look like it's so good to have in your makeup box

  7. This is such a pretty shade! Awesome! Looks so beautiful when applied.

  8. Such a Lovely shade..loved it .would order mine


  10. Demi matte, wow this shade looked awesome, it was not at all glittery and not too dry for matte as well. Shall get mine soon

  11. I love matte lipsticks..this shade is perfect for daily wear

  12. Love that pretty shade!! It looks absolutly stunning on you!

  13. Its packing is super attractive and eye catching and this shade too looks awesome. One of my favourite lip shade.

  14. Amazing and superb pics of matte. The matte texture looking adorable and packaging is attractive.

  15. Amazing and superb pics of matte. The matte texture looking adorable and packaging is attractive.

  16. The shade is such a pretty everyday wear color..looks great on you.

  17. I like the colour, packaging. It seems Australis GR Bloss Demi Matte is skin friendly as well

  18. Beautiful shade... I love its packing and it suits well on u.

  19. The shade looks so beautiful on you. Lovely colour.

  20. This red is so my type!! I would love to own this one, suits alls kin tones.

  21. Such an awesome shade i have not tried it until now.

  22. Wow i loved the swatch can i get this in india and at what price?

  23. The shade is so beautiful and perfect for daily wear and for office wear. You are looking amazing.

  24. This is such a nice everyday kind of lip color shade. Also I liked its packaging design.

  25. Love the shade and the look. Will check it out. Thanks

  26. the brand is new to me, though I really liked the matte shade. It looks so natural on you :)

  27. Loved the Lipper and swatches too !

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