Tuesday 2 February 2016


Hello Ladies,

Heard of the brand 'MISS CLAIRE' ?? This is a cosmetic brand which is now gaining a lot of attention because of its amazing product qualities and affordable prices. I have been using quite a lot of products and found them to be really good !!

Today I am here with 2 shades of their long lasting matte lipstick range: 32 Ultra pink & 20 Antique rose.

Miss Claire Long lasting matte lipstick
These are very reasonably priced and are actually a very close copy of NYX Soft matte lip creams!

Rs. 350/- INR for 2.5gm

Available in shades:
These lipsticks are available in 34 beautiful shades!! However, they are not easily available.

Packaging & Texture:
These lipsticks comes in a plastic retractable tubes with a very sturdy cap. These are completely matte and easily glides on the lips. They are also quite pigmented, ends up giving a velvety matte finish! The packaging does not say anything about its ingredients however it mentions that it is manufactured by Schwan STABILO cosmetics GMBH&Co. which also creates many other cosmetic products.

Staying Power:
These beauties easily stays on your lips for a good 4-5 hours and later starts flaking out.


L - Ultra pink, R - Antique rose
 - Does not dry out the lips immediately
 - Highly pigmented
 - Affordable
 - Amazingly matte
 - Glides very smoothly
 - Travel friendly 

 - It is not easily available in the market
 - Transfers while eating or drinking
 - Becomes flaky after 4-5 hours and makes the lips look dry

How these look on me:

20 - Antique rose

32 Ultra Pink
The lippies are available in beautiful shades and are very affordable. The lipsticks are meant to suit all skin tones and definitely should be tried :)


Do let me know if you have tried these or any other products from Miss Claire !!
I definitely plan to explore more from this brand :)


  1. What shade is that red in first pic?

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