Tuesday 20 December 2016


Hello Ladies!

Have you heard about a new name in the Makeup World? PAC Cosmetics

PAC Cosmetics has been coming up with a lot of new products including foundations, primer, lip gloss and so on. I was already a big fan of their makeup brushes so I thought of trying the new HD Liquid Foundation.

Product Claims:

Our new revolutionary foundation ever created, available in 22 shades, this foundation is made for the everyday Indian woman who work nonstop! Our HD technology helps blur our imperfections and smoothens out the skin giving you a flawless base; it is made perfect for every skin type & lasts all day long! Apply one layer for medium coverage & layer on for a full coverage, this foundation is buildable without feeling heavy on your skin. Also, say goodbye to flashbacks!
   - Dermatologist tested
   - Non-acnegenic
   - Cruelty free
   - Contains no parabens or sulphates

Price & Availability:

Rs. 795/- for 30 ml.
Currently available online on Amazon, and a few of the products are available on Flipkart.

Packaging & Shades:

The outer packaging is a sturdy, cylindrical cardboard case. The foundation inside comes in a transparent, heavy glass bottle, tucked around with hard foam at the centre of the case. It comes with a regular pump dispenser along with a half cap like cover to stop the foundation from coming out. 
Shade number and a detailed list of all the ingredients is mentioned at the back of the cardboard and also at the bottom of the bottle.

The foundation comes in 22 different shades! The range is quite huge and I think everyone will get their shade :). At the same time, since these are currently available only online, it becomes quite difficult to identify your exact shade. There were no swatches until 1 day back hence it was quite difficult to pick up my shade. The shades are numbered from 1.1 on wards and I opted for 3.9 which is a bit dark for me ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ข

My Experience:

Texture & Coverage:

The foundation has semi liquid consistency that does not feel runny when being applied. It blends in easily on the skin and feels light weight as if there is nothing on my face! The finishing is almost like matte and does not shine extra in the photos YAY!

The HD foundation gives a medium to high coverage. The foundation has yellow undertones which helps brighten the face.It has is a buildable one and a good second layer needs to be applied to cover the uneven skin tone and marks. However, this does not feel cakey or heavy after applying it in layers. I prefer applying a single layer of it on a regular day as I am not a fan of high coverage for daily use ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. The foundation is perfect for party/event makeup and I am using it every time! 

Staying Power:

This is another impressive feature as the foundation stays for a good amount of time on the face. It stays for about 6-7 hours without creasing. It becomes a bit lighter around jaw area and nose since I keep touching my face often. However, by the end of the day I noticed the foundation clinging to a few dry areas of my face. But I think that can be handled if the face is well moisturised. Also, since the shade 3.9 is quite dark for me, I add a bit of moisturiser to it which helps me in all the ways!

How It Looks On Me:

Overall, I am very impressed with the foundation. Its staying power and the coverage is to die for! Team PAC is really doing an excellent work, giving us amazing products back to back. I have bought a few more of products from the brand and will be reviewing them soon. So stay tuned!




  1. Thansk for the review.
    I have dry skin with an oily T-Zone
    Currently I'm using L'Orรฉal Infallible foundation. How is it compared to mac studio fix foundation and the loreal one?

  2. Hey hi. Nice review. Is there a swatch of all shades available?

  3. What's your shade in MAC???? I want to buy this foundation but trying to figure out the shade.

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