Thursday 21 April 2016


Hi Everyone!!

How are you all enjoying the summer??

Well, I don't like summer much..its so hot..not able to go out..becomes so sweaty and also there is water and power shortage :( . All of this combined together really makes the summers unbearable!!

Looking at the bright colours that I see all through the day, I have created this look.. bright red-orangish eyes with a red lipstick (with orange hues)!! The look is quite wearable and you can go for it even during day time.

I have not used any eye shadows on my eyes since the red and the black eye liners are quite vibrant itself.
I have created a thick line using the Tom Tom shade from the palette and winged it out. Applied a thin black liner on top of the red one.
You can make it thick/thin based on your liking.


Products Used:

Eyes: Tom Tom from Makeup Revolution London Colour Chaos Palette, Maybelline The Colossal Kajal Super Black.

Face: Loreal Paris Mat Magique Compact , Loreal Paris True Match Concealer, Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush, Sivanna Colors Highlighter, Makeup Revolution ProFix Make up Fixing spray

Lips: Faces lipstick in Go Chic Two Timing

Hope you liked the look. Do let me know if you try this out. Tag me on Instagram (#itssilky) for me to view it!!

Until then...

Wednesday 13 April 2016


Hello Ladies!!

While experimenting with eye shadows, I have come up with 3 different looks.

These looks are created using similar eye makeup but different lip shades. Change of lip shade helps you to take the look from day to night.. either wear it on a special occasion for minimal look or attend a glamorous party!!

Eye Makeup:
I have used the colours bright orange and green to create bright eyes. These colours goes quite well with each other: with orange in the crease and green on the eye lids.

Eye Makeup

Look 1:
With a light pink-brownish lipstick.
This can be worn during a day party and even during the evening.

Lipsticks Used:
  MAC Mehr
  Totally Toffee (215) by Maybelline

Look 2: 
With bright Orange lipstick

Lipstick Used:
  Candy Kiss (30) by Miss Claire

Look 3:
With a dark berry lipstick

Lipstick Used:
  M455 Enrich Satin by Lakme

Products Used:

  Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
  Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
  Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush
  Sivanna Shimmer Brick
  Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette
  Makeup Revolution 'Eyes Like Angels' Ultra Eye Shado Palette
  Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara
  Maybelline Super Black Kajal
  Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Jewelled Jade

Hope you liked the looks..let me know which one is your favourite amongst these!!
I will be back soon with many more.

Until then..

Tuesday 12 April 2016


Hey There !!

Its human nature to get attracted to anything with a good packaging!! While I was wandering around the cosmetic store, this bright and colourful box caught my attention and I immediately purchased it.

This is the 'DIRTY WORKS Get Set Glow - The Full Works' travel pack which consists of:
  - The Big Chillout Bath Soak
  - Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub
  - Creamy Body Wash
  - Bye Bye Dry Body Butter Light

Starting with the body scrub, the texture is a bit on the watery side with very small grainy particles. These are not harsh on the skin and helps exfoliate gently.

The Bath Soak is generally used for bath tubs but since I do not have one, I pour a little bit in my bucket and use it. :)

The body wash and body butter are quite good and I can feel that my skin has got its required moisture. The body butter looks like any other creams and gets absorbed quite easily.

All of the products have a very unique smell. It reminds me of a candy (Pan Pasand) that I used to lovee eating during my childhood :). The fragrance is a little strong one and might not be liked by everyone.

 Overall, I quite liked the products. A brand with a good packaging, products and a quirky name! These qualities are enough to make you use it again n again! I am really looking forward to trying out their other products as well.

These are available in most of the 'Health & Glow' outlets and also on Flipkart and Amazon.

Do let me know what kind of fragrances you like and if you have tried this range.

Until then...

Friday 8 April 2016


Hey Buddies!!!

How is your day going??? Well I am enjoying my longgg weekend at home..relaxing and experimenting :)

Since I had a lot of time in my hand, I decided to try another Nail Art pattern. N it turned out quite well!!

This is again a very simple one to do and takes very less time to complete. I created this using below items:

  • 3 nail polishes. I used red, black and golden
  • 2 acrylic colours. I have used red and black
  • Some cotton
  • A top coat
  • A nail paint brush
Things Required

Start by applying the black shade on your thumb and little finger. And red one on the rest of the fingers. Let the first coat dry for 5 minutes and then apply the second coat.

Use a very thin bristle brush, dip it in the black acrylic paint and create very thin lines (of different sizes) over the red painted nails.

Similarly, create thin line with red acrylic paint over the black painted nails.

When these lines dry a little bit, apply golden nail shade between the red and black lines on all the nails and let it dry.

Finally apply a top coat and wait for the nails to dry completely..

N your nails are ready to show off!!!

Used Items Details:
  - Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color in the shade 'Cherry'
  - Lakme True Wear Nail Color in 'Black'
  - Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Lacquer in 'All That Glitters'
  - Colorbar Nail Enamel Exclusive in '108 Top Coat'
  - Fevicryl Acrylic Colors in 'Black' & 'Red'
  - Nail Paint Brush with thin bristles. I bought these from Amazon.

Hope you will like the experiment and do let me know if you try them out :)

Until then...

Thursday 7 April 2016


April is here and so is spring..bringing all freshness..greenery in our life!!

The theme for this month's Fab Bag is also 'It's a Spring Thing' with a bright pink pouch that immediately adds freshness to your eyes.
To add the happiness, I received my bag quite early today which has happened for the first time since I have registered for the bag :)

April Fab Bag

I liked the bag quite a lot. It is a bright pink pouch with a jute like texture overall. This can be easily used for many other things. I mostly use these as my travel pouches to carry my makeup, jewellery and other stuffs.

This month Fab Bag has the below products:
  • A pamphlet with all the product details
  • Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen (Rs. 1275/- for 60 ml) - My bag has a full size (60 ml) bottle. I quite liked the concept of adding shimmer in the sunscreen which gives your body a natural shine. It has few shimmery particles, doesn't make your skin oily. However, I did not like its smell. It seems to be a strong one and might not be liked by everyone.

  • Soultree Aloe & Rose Water with Skin Toning Licorice Cleanser (Rs. 295/- for 120 ml) - My bag has a 30 ml bottle. It is an Ayurvedic product and claims to provide multiple benefits for your dull and acne prone skin. Excited to test this on my skin!

  • O3+ Skin Whitening Mask (Rs. 775/- for 50 gm) - My bag has a 10 ml bottle which might last for 1-2 uses. Although I am not a huge fan of whitening masks, I have heard good reviews about this brand and waiting eagerly to try the mask.

  • Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof 020 The World's Greytest (Full size: Rs. 330/-) - Before sending the bag, I had received an email from Fab Bag team to select my choice of eye pencil and the lenses. Since, I was already looking for a Grey coloured one, I had opted for this. Texture seems to be quite good and it also has few shimmer particles.

Swatch of Grey Eye Liner
  • Freshlook 1 Day Color Lens - Grey (Rs. 900/- for pair of 5) - My bag has 1 pair. I have never used lenses before and quite excited to try the coloured ones! The Grey lenses were also selected by me :)

  • Style Fiesta Earrings (Rs. 499/-) - These star shaped ear rings look beautiful and quite sturdy. It is definitely a good option to add an OOMPH to a simple dress or top. 

This month's bag has 2 full size products, 2 samples along with an accessory and a pair of lenses. Altogether, the cute pink bag seems to be worth the money spent and a good purchase!

Do let me know if you have received your bag yet and if you have any other products to share with us :)

Until we meet...


Hello Ladies!!

After launching amazing products like Eye Told You So Eye Liner, SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick, Sugar Cosmetics is here with a new range of matte lipsticks 'SUGAR Its A Pout Time Vivid Lipsticks'. These are available in 4 shades and claims to be creamy and matte. I have 1 shade '01 The Big Bang Berry' which I received as part of my March Fab Bag.

01 The Big Bang Berry

Available Shades:
  01 The Big Bang Berry
  02 Breaking Bare
  03 Mad Magenta
  04 Coraline In The City

  Rs. 599/- INR for 3.5 gm

  The lipstick comes in a complete black, edgy packaging with the details written in white, giving a monochromatic effect! It is rectangular in shape and you can hear a 'CLICK' every time you close the cap! The case contains shade name, ingredient list, manufacturer details. However, it does not have a shade indicator which makes it quite difficult to identify the shades amongst multiple lipsticks.


Pigmentation & Texture:
  The lipstick is very smooth and easy to apply. It has a creamy texture but does not settle in the fine lines of your lips. They do not drip out of your lip borders and gives a super matte look. This combination is surprisingly quite amazing!

The Big Bag Berry belongs to the wine shades family and is quite good to wear for events and parties. This can also be worn during day time with minimal makeup and just 1 swipe.

  - Very smooth and easy to apply
  - Sturdy packaging
  - Easily available
  - Has a creamy texture with matte finish which looks very beautiful
  - The shades are very wearable by all skin tones
  - Keeps your lips moisturised and does not dry out
  - Does not settle in your fine lines
  - Once dried, they do not get transferred
  - Easily stays for a good 6 - 7 hours
  - Does not leave uneven patches after fading

  This does not have any issue apart from the missing shade indicator and availability of limited shades.


How It Looks:

 These are beautiful matte lipsticks with a creamy texture and are good for all skin tones. I loved the shade 'The Big Bang Berry' along with its durability and pigmentation. These are surely a must try for all the lipstick lovers!!

  4.5/5 (Because of the missing shade on the cover and less variety of shades)

Sunday 3 April 2016


With March being my Birthday month, I receive quite a lot of stuffs and they soon become my favourites :).

I always feel so excited to share these with everyone, so I decided to start a new category 'MONTHLY FAVOURITES' on my blog :)

Starting the category with March, below are my super favourites for this month!!!

March Favourites!!

Starting from Left to Right:


  • Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel - this is my current holy grail product!! I have been using this daily since last few months and quite happy with the output. 

  • Gujiya - Also known as 'Purukiya', these are sweet dumplings made of all purpose flour and stuffed with khoya. These are specially made during the festival of Holi and tastes yummm!!

Maybelline Lip Gradation RED1

  • Kryolan Contour Pencil - Well this is a Contour pencil but I use it as eyebrow pencil. It has black shade on one side and a deep brown on the other. Its a long pencil which can be sharpened using any pencil sharpener. These fill up my brows so perfectly without making them looking artificial at all. 

Kryolan Contour Pencil (Brown)

  • Gold Plated Rings - I bought these from local shops and just love wearing them around. 


That's all for this month.. well the list can be unending but I managed to pick a few :)
Do let me know if you have loved using something the most last month!! You could comment below or post a pic on Instagram with hash tag '#itssilky'. I would love to try a few of your favourites too!!

Until then..