Monday 8 February 2016


Forest Essentials - Gift Ranges
 So, I had visited the Forest Essentials store located at Phoenix Mall, Bengaluru. This was my first visit to the store and to tell you the truth, I was pulled by the aroma and the beauty of the store!!

Forest Essentials is a very famous traditional Skin care brand which uses the Science of Ayurveda at its fullest. It has multiple products related to: Facial care, Body care, Hair care & Wellness.

I had read a lot about the brand and was quite curious to explore it. I spent a good amount of time going through most of the products, looking at the beauty, content and knowing about its use.
The products are available in 8 different fragrance collections and this makes it quite tuff to decide which product to buy!!
Since, it was my first visit and I wanted to try alllll of the products, I decided to select from their Gift ranges.
This gives me the many advantages:
  - I will be able to try a complete range of products
  - It would be affordable when compared to buying the items individually
  - See the complete affect as I am using the complete range
  - I would get the opportunity to try other products apart from the names that I have already heard of.

After going through all the gift items, I decided to pick up the 'Travel Essentials Rose' pack. It is an assorted box of six convenient travel size bottles consisting of the entire Rose bath range. The gift packs comes in a very beautiful golden, green packaging. It made me feel like I have received a gift from someone (of course myself!!)

Travel Essentials Rose Range
The pack includes:
 - Bath & Shower Oil (they smell heavenly.. like you are surrounded with real roses!!)
 - Shower Gel (using this 10 minutes after applying the Shower oil helps retain the heavenly aroma                               for a very long time)
 - Hair Cleanser
 - Hair Conditioner
 - Facial Cleanser
 - Bhring Raj Ayurvedic Head Massage Oil (makes you feel relaxed and calms you down!)

I am really very happy and impressed with the Forest Essentials products. Though the price is on the higher side but the products are worth it. I still have a huge list of products that I wish to use and will revisit the store very soon :)

Please let me know if you think of any Forest Essentials that is worth a try!!

Forest Essential Claims!

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