Wednesday 17 February 2016


I have always been a hugee fan of Nail polishes. Collecting them in various shades is something I have been doing since my school days (when it was strictly not allowed to wear nail polish in school !!)

I still remember those Friday nights when I used to apply my favourite shade, enjoy for 2 days and wipe it off on Sunday nights.

After all these years, my love for them still remains the same! I love to experiment with all the different shades and nail art.

Here, is 1 of my such experiments. I know I am not perfect yet, but I am WIP (Work In Progress) :)

These geometric patterns can be achieved very easily by using below things

  - 2 nail shades of your choice. I have used Pink & Grey
  - Top coat
  - Scotch tape
  - A pair of scissors

Apply 1 of the two shades as your base coat (I have applied pink here) and let it dry completely.
Apply two coats so that the color is thick and properly displayed.

Cut the scotch tapes into long stripes of thickness that you want and put them horizontally/vertically over your nails. Make sure that the base coat is completely dried and there are no air bubbles under the scotch tape.

After this apply the second shade all over your nails and let it dry.

Once the nail polish has dried, remove the scotch tape carefully (taking your own time). Now let the pattern dry out completely before applying the final coat.

Make sure to remove all the nail polish that is on the sides using nail polish remover and an ear bud.

N Voila!! we have our Geometric pattern nail ready !!

Nail paints from:
  - Bloody Mary from Colobar
  - Lychee Delight 82 from Nykaa
  - Natural Shine Instant Nail Finish from Sally Hansen

Let me know if you liked my experiment and would love to see more! I will be curiously waiting for the pictures of nail arts tried by you!!
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