Tuesday 12 April 2016


Hey There !!

Its human nature to get attracted to anything with a good packaging!! While I was wandering around the cosmetic store, this bright and colourful box caught my attention and I immediately purchased it.

This is the 'DIRTY WORKS Get Set Glow - The Full Works' travel pack which consists of:
  - The Big Chillout Bath Soak
  - Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub
  - Creamy Body Wash
  - Bye Bye Dry Body Butter Light

Starting with the body scrub, the texture is a bit on the watery side with very small grainy particles. These are not harsh on the skin and helps exfoliate gently.

The Bath Soak is generally used for bath tubs but since I do not have one, I pour a little bit in my bucket and use it. :)

The body wash and body butter are quite good and I can feel that my skin has got its required moisture. The body butter looks like any other creams and gets absorbed quite easily.

All of the products have a very unique smell. It reminds me of a candy (Pan Pasand) that I used to lovee eating during my childhood :). The fragrance is a little strong one and might not be liked by everyone.

 Overall, I quite liked the products. A brand with a good packaging, products and a quirky name! These qualities are enough to make you use it again n again! I am really looking forward to trying out their other products as well.

These are available in most of the 'Health & Glow' outlets and also on Flipkart and Amazon.

Do let me know what kind of fragrances you like and if you have tried this range.

Until then...

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