Sunday 5 November 2017

Some Fun Decoration & Diwali With Kandleshop Candles!

Hello Everyone!

I recently moved to a new house and with all the shifting troubles, came the joy of redecorating my house all over again! I always wanted to try white furniture and now was the perfect time to get some. With a lot of white, I also had to look for some colours and can you guess what were my choices?

Well it was some flowers and lots of candles.. my favourites!

There are so many candles out in the market and I was looking for something natural, handmade with awesome fragrance. After trying a few, I came across an Instagram page Kandleshop with lots of beautiful candles and I got so curious to check it out. Luckily the owner Hyangmi Gu was displaying her collection nearby and I got the chance to meet her, talk to her about her work and also take a look at her collection.

Cute Little Candle Shop

The sweet owner Hyangmi Gu

They are all soy candles and are hand made by the owner herself. It takes about 7-10 hours for the small ones and 24 hours for the bigger ones to be ready. Some of them were also made from palm wax and has a very unique thread like texture. Just gorgeous!

Price Range & How To Order?

When compared to market's other good candles, these are also very budget friendly and range between $2 to $15 (depending on the candle size and design).

You can currently order these candles from the Instagram page Kandleshop and also through Etsy.

Hyangmi was kind enough to give me a few of them to try. Firstly, I was not able to light any of them because they were so stunning and I did not want to ruin them. Few in glass bottles, few in shape of cup cakes and macaroons! One can often think that these are actually eatables and not candles!

Books and scented candles goes hand in hand!

Finally I tried the biggest one and I felt so good. It smells so amazing, you can feel the fragrance all over your house. And most important, it burns for sooo long! I have been using the big glass candle almost alternate days for few hours and its just half way through.

My Candle Collection

I love to display them all around my house, sometimes even on serving trays :) There are so many fragrances and varieties available and you can choose all you want. I enjoyed lighting these cute little candles during Diwali and it made my house look more beautiful. Scented candles also helps me de-stress and relax and I am really looking forward to enjoy these for quite long time.

Happy Diwali!

Definitely try these candles if you are in Melbourne or in Australia and I am sure you will love them too.