Tuesday 3 May 2016


Hello Everyone!!

With the rising temperature, it is very important to carry wet wipes in your bag. These not only helps to provide clean your face but also moisturises and few helps to remove makeup as well!!

I have been trying multiple wipes but either found them drying or they give me rashes :(

While shopping out for my little nephew, I came across these cleansing wipes from Chicco and decided to try these out.

Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes

And to my surprise, these are soooo amazing!!
These are wet wipes, slightly fragranced, alcohol, soap and paraben free. It helps me remove all the sweat, oil, dirt and makeup. Unlike other wipes that I have tried, Chicco wipes helps to remove mascara as well!!
I use a wipe on daily basis, before using the makeup remover. Later, I use my face wash to remove all the dust and makeup completely.

Rs. 169/- for 72 wipes.

It comes in a bright green packaging which looks quite attractive. There is a transparent plastic cover on top which says 'OPEN', to flip open and take out the wipes.

  - Paraben, alcohol and soap free
  - Doesn't tear off while cleaning
  - Does not make my face dry and no rashes appear after using it
  - Removes all the dirt and makeup from my face
  - Does not hurt or sting
  - Easily available in most of the cosmetic or baby shops

  - The smell might not be appreciated by everyone
  - If the lid is left open for sometime, the wipes dry out quickly

These wipes have become a part of my daily routine. I love the way it cleans my face without hurting it at all!!

4/5 (as it dries out quite quickly)

Let me know if you have been trying other wipes and found them working well for you. I would love to try other ones!!

Until then..

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