Monday 2 May 2016


Hello Everyone!!

I am back after a short break.. with another product to review Colorbar Perfect Match Primer.

Primers have been an integral part of the makeup routine since quite some time now. It is applied before applying any foundation, powder or concealer and helps to get a smooth, even complexion. The primers help to reduce fine lines, fill in into the open pores, keeps the makeup in place for a longer time and minimizes oiliness or sweat.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

Rs. 825/- for 30 ml

Packaging & Texture:
It comes in a transparent tube with a nozzle at the end. This helps to control the amount of product that you want to extract! The packaging looks quite classy and elegant.
It has a gel consistency and easily gets soaked up on your skin, leaving the face as a smooth and even canvas to work on!!

The primer consistency:

After it mixes:

  - Easily available
  - Blends easily
  - Great packaging and easy to carry
  - Leaves your skin look soft and shiny
  - Helps the foundation to glide on easily
  - Makes the makeup last longer than usual
  - Evens the skin complexion
  - Helps to keep the look oil and sweat free
  - No break outs

   Nothing to mention

I love using it regularly before I apply my foundation specially during summers as it keeps the sweat in control! Overall, I liked the primer and it does its job as it claims. Definitely worth giving a try!


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