Tuesday 17 May 2016


As every month begins, I get anxious for my Fab Bag and to find out what's in it!!

This month's Bag is based on the theme 'The Summer Escapade' and comes in a bright green mesh packaging.

May Fab Bag

This month Fab Bag has below products:
  • A pamphlet with all the product details
  • Some discount coupon :)
  • Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash (Rs. 400/- for 145 ml) - The bag has a 30 ml bottle. The face wash smells completely of tea tree oil. As we know tea tree is quite effective in case of acne and scars, I am looking forward to use this face wash :) 

  • Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30 (Rs. 225/- for 75 ml) - Loved the packaging colour! Never imagined brown and orange looks so amazing together :). This is a full size sunscreen with gel texture. It has a SPF 30 with a mild fragrance. The sunscreen seems to get absorbed quickly and not greasy at all! I think this is really going to be helpful in this summer :)

  • The Nature's Co White Tea Night Cream (Rs. 895/- for 50 ml) - The bag has a 20 ml box, white cream with a mild fragrance. For first impression, the texture is quite creamy and gets absorbed easily. Looking forward to try this one!

  • Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette (SS11 Rs. 900/- for full size) - I got it in a beautiful purplish shade but unfortunately it was broken :(. I immediately reached out to Fab Bag team and they confirmed that they would be sending me a fresh one..so YAY!!

I really liked the colours and the texture and cannot wait to try it!

The Broken Eye Shadow Palette

This month's bag has 2 full size and 2 sample products along with some discount codes for the next purchase. Apart from the broken eye shadow palette, I liked the products. 

Also, I was quite happy with the Fab Bag team's fast response. I will surely know you all as soon as I get the replaced palette and will come with a look using that palette :)

Until then..

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