Wednesday 1 February 2017


Hello Ladies!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Maybelline has been bringing several of their products to India now. These were already available in most of the other countries and now we can have our hands on them too!! 

And this time its their Color Sensational Lip Flush Just Bitten Lipstick!! Thinking what is it and how is it different from other lipsticks?? Well scroll down!

Price & Availability:

Rs. 475/- for 3.9 gms
Available on all the Maybelline Counters and online .

About The Product:

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Just Bitten Lip Flush allows you to perfect the gradient lip with just one swipe. Create the most captivating gradient lips with its unique three-tone colors which are infused with natural food grade pigments. This ultra creamy formula provides up to 12 hours moisture.
  • Leave a sensuous finish.
  • Infused with shea butter for 12 hours moisture.
  • It is extremely light weight
  • Contains natural food grade pigments.

How To Use?

  • Apply upper lip with darkest shade faced downwards.
  • Then, apply lower lip with darkest shade faced upwards.

My Experience with the Lipstick:

Packaging & Texture:

The lipstick has the same packaging like the other Maybelline ones. It has the beautiful color gradient effect going on at the cap, similar to the shade of the bullet inside. The shade number is written at the bottom of the tube but there is no shade name mentioned. Names can only be identified through the website. Overall, a travel friendly packaging, light weight and tightly shut cap.

Coming to the texture of the lipstick, it is very smooth and buttery. It glides on the lips effortlessly and it is very moisturising. The lipstick has a shiny, glossy finish, keeping the lips hydrated and it does not settle down in the fine lines of the lips.

Pigmentation & Shades:

It is currently available in just 2 shades in India.
   OR01 Sunset Sorbet
   RD01 Rasberry Smoothie

I opted for the shade RD01 which has a combination of 3 shades: nude beige, coral pink and hot red to create that gradient effect/ ombre lips.

The lipstick is perfect for everyday use as the gradient effect is not an overpowering one. It has decent pigmentation but the coverage is quite less. Hence, it might not show up on pigmented lips. It also has a candy like smell (which I like) that goes away gradually. The lipstick needs to be applied 2-3 times to bring out the color perfectly, however since it has 3 layers, applying it multiple times can make them overlap each other.
After applying the lipstick for the first time, I try to top up the dark and the light shade separately so that they do not smudge and the gradient is visible. If you prefer more, you can add just a bit of concealer on top of the light shade.

Swatch & How It Looks On Me:

Overall Thoughts:

Gradient lips are so much in trend now and the lipstick helps to get it without much effort! I wish they had more shades and a better coverage. However, the shade RD01 looks beautiful and is one of my favourite for daily use. I tend to wear the shade both inside out, sometimes with darkest shade inwards and sometimes outwards.

It stays on my lips for 4-5 hours, keeping them hydrated. The lighter shade tends to fade first and the dark shade leaves a bit of a stain which is visible for quite long even after the glossy shine is gone. Surely try this out if you are up for ombre lips and want to take a break from all the Matte effects!


4/5 (Hoping more shades will come to India soon)


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