Thursday 9 February 2017


Hi Everyone!

Do you have foundations that are darker for you or light? Well, I have a lott of them 😞
Whenever I go to buy a foundation, I end up picking wrong shade either due to extra light or due to some other reason. Finding your perfect shade is the most critical and the toughest task!

I was in Delhi sometime back and heard about the newly launched Kiko Milano Store. And I went there ASAP in search of The One! Finally after a lot of trials and tests I went ahead with the Unlimited Foundation in the shade N40 and here with the review!

Product Claims:

Long-lasting fluid foundation that ensures perfect make-up all day long*. The formula's active ingredients are rich with properties: the sea lavender extract gives the skin a lift while the blend of exotic oils helps hydrate and nourish the skin without being heavy.
The light foundation has a velvety smooth texture that's a breeze to apply and adjust. It provides medium-high coverage and contains sunscreen which helps protect the skin from the first signs of aging.
Unlimited Foundation SPF 15 comes in fourteen shades, one for every skin type and complexion. Your make-up will always looks perfect.
Hypoallergenic= formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.
Non comedogenic.
Fragrance free.
Paraben free.

Price & Availability:

Rs. 1700/- for 30 ml
Currently there is a single store in Noida.

Packaging & Shades:

The foundation comes in a hard glass bottle with a pump to extract the product. I really love this concept of pump with less wastage and no fear of being unhygienic! The pump also can be locked after every use too keep it safe from spilling. The packaging is quite simple and sturdy. It has all the ingredients mentioned on the cardboard packaging along with the manufacturing details. So once you throw away the outer cover, you need to remember a few details.

It comes in 14 shades that includes some with pink undertones and some with yellow. I have yellow undertone and I was happy to see many options for the same. Luckily I was in store and was able to try a few before making my decision 😃

My Experience:

Texture & Coverage:

The foundation has a slightly thick consistency and I thought it would be difficult to blend. However it blends quite easily and does not feel heavy on the skin. When applied with makeup sponge, it feels a bit patchy, however looks perfect when applied with brush. It provides medium to high coverage but makes me look white when I apply multiple layers. So I apply a single layer and spend some time to blend it completely.
It looks beautiful and velvety after blending and does not add any extra shine. It also has an SPF of 15 and I do not need an extra layer of the sunscreen.

Staying Power:

It stays for a whole day with a little bit of fading around T zones. It does not make my face oily or greasy and holds throughout the day.
Overall I am happy with this purchase and finally successful in getting an almost perfect shade for myself!! YAY!!

Let me know if you have used this foundation or any other foundation that you recommend.

Until then...


  1. Nice review. But this is expensive product.

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