Friday 8 July 2016


Hello Ladies!

Makeup Revolution has recently launched its 'Rose Gold' lipstick collection which has five beautiful shades. Out of 5, 2 are launched in India and I picked up 'Girls Best Friend'.

Brand Product Description:
Introducing our newest lipstick collection: Rose gold. 5 beautiful shades, nude to vamp, packaged in beautiful rose gold. Comfortable to wear, high coverage formula with buildable colour.

Girls Best Friend is our fun and girly pink. Creamy high gloss formula that glides on with ease and buildable colour, packaged in our new luxurious rose gold tube. A great choice for a night out, and all through Spring & Summer.

A lipstick with beauty.

Rs. 650/- INR. I got it for Rs. 520 during sale :)

Packaging & Texture:
The packaging of this lipstick is so amazing. The moment I saw the tube, I just fell in love with it. It is a rose gold metallic tube with the shade indicator at the end. The cap closes with a 'click' to confirm that the lipstick is safe and travel friendly. Love at first sight!

The lipstick has a buttery texture and glides on very smoothly. It is so soft that my bullet broke when I tried to apply it for the first time :(. The lipstick is quite moisturising and and has a mild vanilla fragrance. The fragrance goes away after sometime so should not bother people with sensitive nose.

Colour & Staying Power:
'Girls Best Friend' is a cool toned neon pink shade. As soon as I saw the picture, I thought it might be too bright. However, the shade is not so bright actually. It is a bright pink one with glossy finish. The shade 'Girls best friend' is quite sheer but buildable. It takes multiple swipe for the colour to show up properly on the lips.

I am not very impressed with the staying power of the lipstick. It says for 4-5 hours without eating/drinking anything. It is not able to survive a meal and fades out evenly.

I loved the packaging and the shade of the lipstick. After looking at the picture, I expected it to be brighter than it is. But the actual colour is also very beautiful and brightens my face immediately. This can be worn both during day and night, however it might not suit all the skin tones.



  • Beautiful and buildable pink
  • Amazing packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Does not dry out on lips
  • Very hydrating and long lasting


  • Poor staying power
  • Not suitable for warm or darker skin tone
  • Not highly pigmented
  • Creamy formula which resulted into the breaking of the lipstick :(

How It Looks On Me:


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