Monday 18 July 2016


Hello Ladies!

I am sure that you must be aware by now that I am a very big makeup junkie!
Well, it all started with my love for nail paints, not red or pink but bright striking colours :). Be it in school, college or at work I always made sure to paint my nails :)
The only thing that always made me unhappy after applying a beautiful shade was the chipping. Its just 1 or 2 days and you see the nail polish coming out, making your nails look ugly :(

After trying too many things and experiments, I have finally found out how to make my nail polish last long without making me think twice before doing any household chores! 
All you need to do is follow these simple and easy steps!

  • Take some time to clean, shape and file your nails. Remove your old nail shade and let your nails breathe for a day or two. This is not mandatory and you can apply the next shade the same day but leaving them will help clean the nails thoroughly and remove stains. File your nails with a good filer to make them look in good shape and shiny.

  • Apply a good base coat. Base coats helps to protect your original nails, make them stronger and prevents them from stains. I use Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle for this.

  • Apply 2 thin layers of nail polish. If you apply thick layers, it takes time to dry and often it is messed up. After applying the first coat, give some time and apply the next coat only after first has dried completely.

  • Never skip the Top Coat. Top coat helps make you nail paint last long and also adds a beautiful shine to it. I use the Colorbar Top Coat and it leaves my nails so shiny.

Once your top coat has dried completely, you are good to go! 
Spending a little bit of time on your nails and taking good care of them really adds to your personality. 

Hope this post has something to help you in order to make your nail polish stay long. Have a colourful day ahead!


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