Wednesday 20 July 2016


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Garnier India has recently launched a new hair care range 'Ultra Blends'. It was all over all the social media sites and I was waiting desperately to try them out.

The hair care range includes shampoo, conditioner and oil in cream and are launched in 5 variants:
  • Mythic Olive - nourishes and rejuvenates
  • 5 Precious Herbs - to detoxify the scalp and give you the hair that is full of life
  • Royal Jelly & Lavender - a decadent recipe for hair breaking
  • Soy Milk & Almond - for hair that is damaged and depleted
  • Henna & Blackberry - deep conditioning and nourishing
The packaging of these looks so amazing that I wanted to try all the 5 :). Finally I settled with 5 Precious Herbs and Royal Jelly & Lavender shampoo and conditioner.


Rs. 55 for 75 ml of Shampoo, Rs. 120 for 175  ml of Shampoo
Rs. 75 for 75 ml of Conditioner, Rs. 170 for 17 ml of Conditioner

Brand Claims:

Royal Jelly & Lavender - the rich blend of gelatinous Royal jelly with with the sensorial effect of Lavender, re build and restructure the hair strand by strand. Discover hair that is re-constructed strand by strand to give stronger, fuller and resistant to fall.

5 Precious Herbs - A blend that combines the best nature to detoxify the scalp and give hair that is full of life.

Packaging & Texture:

All the five variants are so beautifully packaged that they attract your attention immediately. These are available in 75, 175 and 340 ml bottles. The packaging is quite sturdy and the 75 ml one is a perfect fit for the travel bags. 
I have tried both the variants and they are transparent in semi liquid texture. It makes a good amount of foam when mixed with little bit of water and can be easily applied on your hair.


I have very thin hair which falls a lot and is a bit on the dryer side. Considering the issues with my hair, I decided to go for the Royal Jelly & Lavender and 5 Precious Herbs variants.

Royal Jelly & Lavender - 
The royal jelly from the behive helps reinforce and strengthen your hair.
Extracts from the Lavender plant helps to purify and renew your hair.

I bought the 75 ml bottle of this one to see how it works for me. And I have no doubts to say that I am already in love with it! Both shampoo and conditioner smells amazing and it is not over powering at all. After applying for the 3rd time, I could feel that there are less number of hair falling on the floor! My hair also felt clean and made me so happy :)

5 Precious Herbs - 
Green Tea: helps stimulate micro-circulation and fights toxins to tone, revitalise and fight inflammation.
Eucalyptus: has incredible healing properties to refresh hair and skin.
Lemon: revitalises hair and enhances natural shine.
Aloe: provides moisture to revitalise the scalp and hair.
Henna: deeply conditions and nourishes the dry and dull locks.
This variant makes my hair feel so light, bouncy and clean. It does not make my hair or scalp dry.


  • Paraben free! What else could you wish for.
  • Budget friendly
  • Travel friendly
  • Makes your hair shiny, bouncy and so clean
  • Leaves a faint fragrance in your hair 
  • Has all the natural ingredients
  • Helps reduce hair fall gradually

None that I can think of.

Availability:,, Super markets


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