Tuesday 28 June 2016


Hello Everyone!!

Hope you had a good weekend and having a peaceful week :)

I am here with a very interesting topic.
We all have a cute little table beside our beds that we bought with an intention to use it smartly and to make the room look beautiful. Gradually, this table becomes our dumping ground (at least for me :P) and reduces the charm of your room.
After so long finally I was able to understand what exactly needs to be there on my bedside table and what should be immediately removed. So I thought of sharing it with you.

And finally now my bedside looks like this!

To tell you the truth, this is not how it initially looked like. It was a complete mess, with useless things lying on it. 

Now I have the following on the table :

Bedside Lamp: This is very important and you should definitely keep one. Switching on the main lights at midnight will surely wake the other person up and I am sure nobody wants that! Keeping a low level lamp throws the light on the floor and help you move around easily.

A Bottle Of Water: Everyone knows and I am sure does that already :) 

Mobile Charger: Mobile users like me use the phone through out the day. So, I make sure to put it on charge and unplug it before I sleep. Mobile phones should not be charged the whole night!

A Flower Vase: Be it a small or big vase, artificial or real flowers, this changes the way your room looks and brightens it up immediately :). I have used an old wine bottle and some artificial flowers which makes my table look so cute :)

Well, these are on the top shelf and I have the whole mess on the 2nd shelf.

Magazines: We subscribe to so many magazines or buy books and keep them at the bedside. This gradually grows into a pile. So, I make sure to remove all the old ones every month and leave only the most recent magazines and only 1 unread book. This practise really helps to keep the table clean.

A Big Red Box: This is my biggest saviour! I had all my creams, medicines spread on the table. I could not remove any of those as I need them every night and those were making my table look dirty. Now, I have this beautiful red box which is deep, keeps everything hidden, accessible and also adds some color to my room.

Let's see what my magic Red Box has :)

Inside My Big Red Box

  • My Night Cream
  • Face Serum
  • Eye Cream
  • Body Butter
  • Hand Cream
  • Lip Balm
  • My Medicines
  • Earphones
I know you must be thinking that's a lot! I use all of these every night and I also have few medicines which I forget to take if they are not in front of me. Yup that's how I am!

You can also add few candles but make sure to keep it safely. It is very important to have a clean bedroom for your sound sleep. So, I try my best to at least keep my bed and side table clean. 
Hope you find this post useful and do let us know if you have more suggestions for us :)

Until then..

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