Thursday 16 June 2016


Hello Everyone!

Finally the rain is here to give us some relief from the scorching heat. Everywhere I see there are clouds and greenery.
However with this rain also comes another set of problems. There is increased traffic, slippery roads and innumerable diseases. It becomes very important to take care of your immunity and of your loved ones to survive this weather without getting sick.

I am here with few things that helps me to keep my immunity intact and fight against diseases during the rainy or winter season. :)

We all know the importance of drinking water. Few of them being: it helps to flush out all the toxins from our body, boosts immune system and improves your skin complexion. Make sure to drink at least 1 litre of water a day. Drinking plain water can be boring sometimes. You can prepare infused water by adding fruits or herbs to your regular water. I will soon be doing a separate post to show all the infused water that I love!

Orange Juice:
This is a very good source of Vitamin C that helps to prevent cold. Having a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice makes sure you get your dose of sugar craving along with the required amount of Vitamin C :). Orange juice also helps maintain your Blood Pressure levels and has healing properties.

Kadha (Herbal Tea):
There are many herbal teas available in the market but the one made at home is always very pure and is effective immediately.

Below are the ingredients for the Herbal tea:
  Ginger - helps with congestion
  Basil Leaves - improves immunity
  Cardamom Seeds - used for detoxification and also aids in digestion
  Black Peppercon - has healing properties
  Cloves - improves digestion and used as oral anti septic
  Honey - has healing properties

Add all the ingredients except Honey in a vessel. Add 2 cups of water and boil the mixture. Keep heating it until the water reduces to 1 cup.

Use a strainer to pour the tea into the cup and add 1 spoon of honey to it. Your kadha is ready and this can be taken throughout the day.

Kadha (Herbal Tea)

Turmeric Milk (Golden Milk): 
I take this regularly before going to bed. With all the healing properties, Turmeric helps to prepare my body to fight against cough and cold. The milk keeps your body temperature regulated and increases your immunity.
  Milk - 1 cup
  Turmeric - 1 tea spoon
  Saffron (Kesar) - 4 strands
  Sugar - as per your taste

I add Saffron additionally as it promotes the overall well being of the body. It helps improve digestion and maintains Blood Pressure. However, This should be taken in a limited quantity.


Boil a cup of milk and add turmeric,sugar and saffron. Stir it well and have the milk before it gets cold.

Golden Milk
 Hope you will find something here to add in your daily lifestyle to improve your immunity. 
Stay healthy, stay strong and enjoy the season!


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