Wednesday 8 June 2016


What Is Colour Correction?

We are well aware of the use of concealers when it comes to hiding those dark circles under our eyes or few spots here and there, however there are more issues with our face. Most of us have concerns like acne scars, marks, redness, dark circles, uneven skin tone and many more.

Concealers are of same shade (or 1 shade lighter) that our skin tone and they often fail to give us that flawless, single skin tone that we look for. This is when the colour correction palettes can be very helpful. I might be sounding a bit confusing but hope it will be all clear as we read further :)

How to Colour Correct Your Face?

Let's have a look at the below color circle. This would help us to understand why do we need color correction and how to use it.

A very simple rule to follow: Colours directly across from another cancels the other out.

Dark Circles:
These dreaded dark circles are mostly blue or purple( depending on your skin tone). From the Colour Chart we can see that Orange is opposite to Blue and Yellow/Green is opposite to Violet/Blue Violet. Applying an Orange/Green/Yellow corrector will help you remove all your dark circles and give a same toned face.

Redness/Acne Scars/Marks:
As the Circle shows, Green corrector is your way to get rid of all the redness over your face, any marks or acne scars.

Uneven Skin Tone:
If you have dark or dull skin patches, Yellow is your option to help brighten up those area. You can use a Purple corrector to fight against the paleness showing up on your face.

Hope this post helps you in to understand a little bit more about your face and how to get a perfect, flawless one. Let me know if you are using any correctors or if you have more tips to share with us.

Until then..

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