Friday 22 January 2016


I have recently discovered this small magic tube in the market. I know.. I am very late and it has been out there since quite long time but I think this deserves appreciation!!

Coming to the review
 Price - Rs. 295/- INR for 30ml.

 Available shades:
  • 02 Gleam (a little pinkish shade)
  • 03 Gold
  • 04 Bronze (brownish shade)
  • 05 Shiny beige
  • 06 White
Packaging & Formula: 
It comes in a sleek tube like plastic packaging with a very tiny nozzle for the product to come out.

   - Reasonably priced
   - Since its in liquid form so no fallouts
   - Lasts for 3-4 hours
   - Gives a beautiful glow to the face when used with foundation
   - Buildable
   - The tiny nozzle opening prevents the product from being wasted
   - Easy to carry

  - Contains shimmer particles so needs to be used carefully during daytime
  - Lots of glitter sticks to your finger/brush when applying!! so a little extra is required to build up the glow.

  This product can be used as a highlighter for cheek bones, nose, cupid bow. It can also be used as an overall face highlighter when mixed with the regular foundation. It brings the extra glow on the face without making you look all glittery. Overall a good product to be used!!


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