Wednesday 3 August 2016



Today I am here with the review of the Skin18 Cucumber Bouncing Mask which I had received some time back.

About The Mask:

This is highly enriched product of  aloe and skin activators, and nutritional contents on the sheet with excellent skin adhesion and absorption. It caries oil and moisture, blocks toxic substances to skin and makes moisturising and elastic skin.

How To Use?

After washing your face, spread the sheet mask evenly over the face. Leave it for 15- minutes and remove the mask, gently massage the serum until it is fully absorbed. This is a daily care product that is helpful to skin everyday.

US $3.50 || Rs. 230/- INR for 1 sheet (26 ml of serum.)

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My Thoughts On The Mask:

The Cucumber mask is part of the LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask, 1 for each day of the week. The mask has the serum with gel like consistency on both the sides and does not drip at all. Before applying the mask, I washed my face with my regular face wash, applied the mask and kept it on for good 25 minutes. The mask immediately made me feel very refreshing and was very soothing.

The mask was not dry even after 25 minutes and still had a lot of serum. I used my fingers to massage my face so that the serum get absorbed completely. Also used the rest of the serum from the mask all over my neck line and hands, giving a good massage everywhere.

After removing the mask, my face felt sticky and I had to wash my face with water to get rid of it. My face looked very clean, soft and hydrated after removing the mask! I liked how my skin felt after  the mask and definitely would love to try the complete 7 day package :)



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