Thursday 11 August 2016


Hello Everyone!

As much as I love my makeup, dresses and shoes, I cannot step out of the house without adding a hint of fragrance. Perfumes are such an essential part of our overall appearance. What good would it make if you are all dolled up but you smell bad!

We all have those amazing glass bottles of perfumes sitting in our closet that we use while stepping out of the house. But, it is almost impossible to carry those delicate bottles out in your bags/pockets. Let me now introduce you to 'Neesh Perfumes' here for our rescue!

Company Says: About Neesh Perfumes

Since the genesis, NEESH has defined style and beauty. NEESH's passion and distinctive style has created the most fabulous perfumes in the world. We are a place where the story of our brand and its grand evolution will be told by our marvellous designs and prolific perfumes. Come and explore Neesh's heritage collection to matters of the heart.

  Why To Buy?
  1. Neesh Perfumes contain very high quality fragrance
  2. Neesh Perfume lasts up to 12 hours
  3. Each spray costs less than Re. 1
  4. Neesh Perfume pikpack fits in every pocket
   Rs. 340/- for 20 ml
   Online at Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay or their website (Click here).

    12 (6 for men, 6 for women)

Perfumes That I Got

I am someone who likes strong fragrance :). Before sending the perfumes, Team Neesh made sure to know my fragrance preference and then send me the samples.

Belle D' Oud: 
A tantalising fragrance for  beautiful you...The striking scent offers a modern composition that combines power of musk and dark amber, delicacy of honey and berries, expressing luminous floral facets and a sensual, magnetic resonance.

 Top note - Honey, berry, Iran Saffron
 Middle Note - Indian Rose, Exotic Prune
 Base Note - Musk, Gark Amber

 My Verdict - this one is my favourite! This is a very strong fragrance and wearing this makes me feel very confident and bold.

Attar E Neesh:
This is the perfect gift for that special someone. Its infinitely sensuous fragrance will add to the mystery and depth, making it more desirable.

  Top Note - Indian Rose, Iran Saffron
  Middle Note - Indian Shamama, Patchouly
  Base Note - Blackwood, Amber

  My Verdict - It is truly as it claims! The fragrance is so enticing and mysterious. Wear this one and stay mysterious :)

Attar E Ishq:
Have you been trying hard to get your crush's attention? Make yourself more desirable with Neesh's Attar-e-ishq - A fragrance that will keep you coming back for more. Get what you want!

  Top Note - Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Bakhoor
  Middle Note - Agarwood, Amber
  Base Note - Powdery Musk, Vanilla

  My Verdict - This is a beautifully strong fragrance. Definitely a must have!

  • The containers are also known as pickpack and they are a perfect fit for your pocket/purse without adding any weight to it!
  • The perfumes did not cause any irritation to my nose or to my skin at all.
  • There is a good range of fragrance and you can choose the one as per your preference.
  • Since these are all plastic containers with a very sleek design, these are very easy to carry anywhere you want (in your purse while flying as it is only 20 ml!)
  • These lasts for a good 6-7 hours, leaving a hint of smell behind. 
Neesh Perfumes are definitely a must try. You can apply the perfume directly on your skin or on clothes and they stay for long. 340 might be a little on the higher side for 20 ml but the quality makes it so worthy. I have already become a fan of these and would surely try other variants. 


4.5/5 ( since they are currently not available in shops, so it might be difficult to identify your exact fragrance)

Let me know if you have already tried these and your thought about them.

Until then..

** These perfumes were sent to me by Neesh Team. All the opinion stated are my own and not influenced.

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  1. I hd Heard abt these perfumes. One of my frnd got it. Mohabte ae something name of that perfume. Nice gud review.