Thursday 15 February 2018

10 Commandments: A Reminder From Me To Me!

You must have heard..

                                                   With age comes wisdom

But did you realize with age also comes fine lines and wrinkles!! Yes, as we grow old our skin also grows old with us.
Sometimes, I keep looking at the mirror worrying how clear my skin used to be and how it looks now. Unfortunately, worrying only makes it worse 😞😟

And then I try to remind myself a few things. These are a few pointers that boosts my mood and assures that it is all good!
So, I wanted to share those things with you so that you can also remind yourself those. There might be nothing new in what you read but reading it once again helps you recall and agree a little more.

  • Clean your face! Whether you are a teenage or 80 yrs old, male or a female you should always sleep with a clean face. 

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  • Use toner everyday.  Toners helps get rid of all the left back dirt and remove the extra oil from your face. Using it regularly makes sure that your face is extra clean and happy!

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  • Serums and Facial Oils are different products and we need both!  Facial oils gives our skin all the hydration and essential nutrients. Serums have highly concentrated ingredients to help fight against specific skin issues. So overall, we need both!

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  • Don't rub but Pat, Pat & Pat! I guess must be already knowing this but I would love to remind you that rubbing all the products only move them from one place to other and finally they come off. We should always try to pat the products so that they can seep in. So tell me, are you a Rubber or a Patter??

  • DON'T keep touching your face.  Our hands touch so many things around and touching our face with the same ones will only help transfer all the germs. Not to forget, you might ruin your makeup! So, do not touch!

  • It takes time and nothing happens overnight! Always remember this and do not panic. You may see a giant pimple or some other issue on your face but don't worry. It might take some time but gradually it will be all OK.

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  • Its Time to go all Natural. With today's pollution and environment all around, it is time to back to the caves. Although, pre-packed packs seems to be an easier option, natural & home made ones help provide us the required results. You can see that the market is flooded with all natural and handmade items, so why not try them out?

  •  Face masks & packs gives back life to your skin. With all the dryness and skin issues, it is important to add back all the lost oils and minerals. You can put on a hydrating mask almost daily and other sorts at least once a week. It really helps!

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  • Less is always better. Don't over do or over think. I am sure there is nothing that you don't know already but this is a gentle reminder for you and for me 😊 . Do not over stress as that only increases your problems.

  • Love your skin! Accept that it ages with your age. When you are 18, you might have a flawless skin, but it changes with age. Accept that gradually you will see some fine lines or other issues on your face. Accepting things really help you stay happy and motivated!

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So these are a few Reminders/Commandments that I am really trying to live by. Hope it will be of some help for you too. I would love to know a few things that you think is really important to keep your skin happy. Do share them :)

Until then...

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