Tuesday 6 September 2016


So many things to do and not sure how and from where to start?

I am sure all of us go through this phase quite often. With so many things on our mind, we often get confused and miss out something (if not planned properly!). Well at least I do :(. And once things go out of control, all I do is get upset and cranky.

Starting my blog has taught me one thing for sure and that is the importance to stay organised. There are so many things to manage and do that it is impossible to finish everything until I write it down. I always carry a notebook to write down everything that comes to my head. Finally, I decided to go for a good planner so that it makes things easier for me. I searched a lot of stationery shop and came across few basic ones but none fulfilled my requirements completely. Finally this came into my mail and made me so happy! This is the Everyday Planner for 2016 by Nirmala Franklin. You can find it HERE.

I know we generally prefer mobiles over physical papers but trust me , this planner makes your life so easy. You can store everything related to you and you require at one place!

  • The planner comes with a spiral binding and a sturdy plastic cover
  • The pages are thick and colourful
  • The planner has been divided into 12 months, helping you plan separately for each month
  • The planner has sections for your monthly, daily and hourly tasks which helps you manage all your work, appointments, party plans, outings and other things.
  • I get separate options to write all my notes, ideas, schedule and goals!
  • There are such cute, bright stickers which you can use highlight birthdays, anniversary, movie dates, parlour appointment, payday, day offs, holidays, vacations, wedding dates, shopping dates :)
  • I can write down all my expenses and list all my contacts (so helpful when your phone battery dies on you!!)
  • It has paper and plastic pouches that helps me carry a few important additional things
  • I also use the planner to help track my weight, water intake, food intake and other health related data!
  • The planner is very easy to carry and can fit in your purse..all you need is a pen/pencil and you can keep capturing each and every thoughts that come up in your head!

From the time I have started using this planner, I feel so proud when I write down all my tasks and tick them off once I complete them! It makes me analyse how much productive I was and also what improvements are required. And I document that as well!

I have been using the planner since quite sometime now and I can surely say that I am gradually getting addicted to it! All I need to do is turn few pages and I have the answer to everything in my planner.

**This is a sponsored post. All the opinion stated here are my own and not influenced. 

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