Wednesday 4 October 2017

A Trip To Bali: Day 2 - Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach, Tanah Lot Temple, Kecak Dance

Hi Everyone!

This is all about our second day in Bali. We had a good night sleep and we were all charged up to explore more!

Since we had a long list of places to cover today so we decided to wake up at 5 am. Never did that to study or for any other work! 😛 However, as always we could not give up our sleep and finally got out of the house around 7.30 am. Still quite early!

And our destination was the Uluwatu Temple.

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We called for an Uber Cab and started our day. However, we did not know that the temple opens after 9 am and there was nothing else in that area where we could spend our time. The driver did not bother to inform us and mentioned the same once we reached the place! Since it was not possible to wait for so long, we decided to move to our next point that is the Bingin Beach.

Finally its Beach time!!

Top View of the Bingin Beach

The beach was surrounded with mountains and there were so many beautiful hotels to enjoy the gorgeous view every morning

I was so excited to see the clear blue water!!

It was a gorgeous beach with very less public as it was quite early. The water seemed shallow for a stretch and within few minutes I was at the edge with my umbrella. But you need to be cautious as this a stoney beach which makes it quite difficult to walk around and also a bit slippery.

In between somewhere. Cannot let go of my umbrella else I will be tanned!

After spending some time there, we decided to walk to the next beach which seemed to be around 3 kms far. We could see huge stones in between so we were not sure if we could go past them but we thought to give it a try. And that was the best decision we made!
That walk beside the beach was the highlight of the entire trip 🌝

We moved through huge rocks, climbed over them and sometimes went through small passage made in between them. The view was just breathtaking.

In between 2 beaches. We took some time to stop, enjoy the nature and click gorgeous pictures

We had to pass through that small passage to go across the huge rock. It was so exciting!

The cave like structures were carved in between by the water that touches the mountains. Nature's creation at its best.
Time for some Yoga :)

And now we were at the Dreamland Beach! It was really a dream.. well the journey until now was the best part and what happened next was the worst part of the dream.

We booked 4 seats in a restaurant for us right in front of the beach and it was time for some food and drinks. This beach seemed just like Baga/Calangute beaches in Goa and was full of tourists, restaurants & local shops.

Local people around there suggested that we should rent mini surfing boats and go out in the sea. And 3 of us decided to try! Yes! We decided to go for SURFING without knowing anything about it! 5 minutes after I got into the water, I was not able to manage my board and felt like I will drown 😨😨. My hubby is a good swimmer and he offered to help me reach the shore. In the meantime my friend who was there with us inside the water started drifting away from us on the surf board and she could not control her direction!! Finally, someone helped her and my husband helped me and we came out of water.. ALIVE! Those 5 minutes were the worst thing that happened and was a big lesson that never take sea so lightly. Well, it might be a bad experience but I did go for Surfing!!

Although it was a bad experience but I Surfed! This pic was taken after we came out of the water and calmed down

After that experience, we rested for a while, calmed ourselves and left for our house.

Later that evening it was time to visit the Tanah Lot Temple . Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home to the pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot (literally "Tanah Lot temple"), a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography.

Tanah Lot Temple from outside. The front area fills up with water during rains and that looks divine

Capturing the Sunset at the temple. 

And that's me!

After the temple ceremony. 

And finally the day ended with the Kecak Dance at the Tanah Lot Temple. It is a fire dance based on Sita Haran from Ramayana. It was so colourful and well performed.

Guy with Green dupatta is Ram, behind him is Laxman and sitting below is Hanuman

Ravan (in the left) is trying to persuade Sita after capturing her

A scene from Lanka Dahan. The dialog were a mix of both Balinese and English so it was quite easy to understand. It also had some funny one liners from Ravan for his beloved Sita 'Sita I love you and I will kiss you' 😁.

What a day it was!

Outfit Details:

Look 1:

Shrug, Shorts - H&M, Australia
Hat - Target, Australia
Umbrella - Local shop, Bangalore

Look 2:

Black Top - Zara, Australia
Palazzo & Ear rings - Local shop, Noida

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