Friday 29 January 2016


Hello Everyone!

I know I am back again with a lip balm and you might think I am crazy for them. Well, I would like to confirm your thoughts.. I am actually CRAZZZYYYY about lip balms !! I have been trying out soooo many of them. Every time I hear about a new lip balm, I am at the store to get it :)

Maybelline has recently launched its another set of lip balms in the Baby Lips range. These bright coloured lip candies are a perfect example of marketing! These are so bright and beautifully packaged that they immediately grab your attention!

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow - Mixed Berry

Available shades:
 Orange, Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, Mixed Berry

 Rs. 275/- for 2g

I gifted myself with the Mixed Berry shade as this seemed to me the brightest and the cutest packaging of all :)

Packaging & Formula:
These chubby sticks comes in a very cute tube packaging. They are in the same color as the shade with the shade name written at the bottom. The formula is quite moisturising and contains Vitamin E. It also adds a subtle pinkish color along with a fruity smell (which goes away gradually).

But, I also found them a little sticky initially which goes away with time.

Swatch - Mixed Berry
 - Keeps the lips hydrated for 3-4 hours
 - The packaging is super cute and attractive.
 - It is quite easy to carry around
 - The formula is quite smooth and glides on easily
 - It adds some color to the lips along with the hydration

 - Feels quite sticky initially(which I didn't like)
 - Quantity seems to be less for the given price
 - Transfers a lottt
 - It might not work for very dry lips
 - The color settles in the lines of the lips.

I loved the new Lip Candy range. These provides a beautiful color tint along with the moistursation. Hence, quite helpful for those who don't want to wear lipsticks but need some color tint on their lips!
Highly recommended!!


Wednesday 27 January 2016


Hi Friends!!

Hope you are enjoying the winters!! While I love the season, we need to take extra care of our skin!!

Talking about the pain of chapped lips :(. It is so important to take extra care of them during winters. We all have tried soooo many lip balms to help get that soft and moisturised lips.

I have found 1 such balm which can be the answer to all your winter problems!! I received this as part of the January Fab Bag.

Kronokare Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion lip balm 

Rs. 95/- for 10ml

Packaging & Formula:
The Kronokare Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion lip balm comes in a tube package with a tiny nozzle on top. The packaging is quite sturdy and easy to apply without using your fingers. This also makes it quite hygienic!
It has a very creamy formula and glides on very smoothly on your lips. It is colourless and is an amazing mix of peppermint, shea butter and sunflower oil. As soon as you apply it on the lips, it starts its work and gives a cooling explosion! This goes away in 10 minutes but the product stays for quite long to keep your lips hydrated.

 - Silicon and paraben free
 - Gives a minty taste (you would love it if you like the flavour!)
 - It contains Vitamin E and shea butter which helps keep the lips moisturised
 - Can be used under matte lipsticks since it is not greasy

 - Limited availability (it is currently available on Fab Bag ( cooling-explosion-lip-balm.html) and Kronokare website (
 - The cooling effect might not be appreciated by everyone

The lip balm is effective and comes handy to keep your lips hydrated. Overall, it does quite a good job and can be used during winters. Worth a try!


Monday 25 January 2016


Hello Everyone!

I am here with the review and swatches of the current talk of the town 'MAYBELLINE LIP GRADATIONS' !!

These are launched in 8 bright and matte shades in Indian market with a mix of pinks and reds.

Available in shades:
Pink1, Pink2, Mauve1, Fuchsia1, Orange1, Red1, Red2 and Coral1.

Rs. 500/- INR for 1.25g

I got my hands on 2 of these shades Coral1 and Red1.


L-Coral1, R - Red1

Packaging & Texture:
These lip gradations comes in a plastic retractable tube with lipstick on one side and a sponge smudger on the other side. These are completely matte and easily glides on the lips. For the perfect look, it is suggested to apply color on the centre of your lips and use the smudger to extend the color to the outer edges of your lips. These are quite pigmented and gives a velvety matte finish!

Maybelline Red1 Lip Gradation - I am in love with this!!

Maybelline Red1 Lip Gradation

Staying power:
It stays for around 4-5 hours with no touch up required. Light shades fade away faster than the darker ones. These get transferred but the quantity is quite less.

Maybelline Coral1 Lip Gradation

 - Does not dry out the lips
 - Highly pigmented
 - Affordable
 - Amazingly matte
 - Glides very smoothly
 - Travel friendly

 - Lips needs to be completely hydrated else it settles into the fine lines gradually
 - Currently only available on Habbana (
 - Beautiful shades but not different than what we already have seen
 - The gradation part does not work for lighter shades and is slightly visible for the darker shades

The Maybelline Lip Gradations are worth giving a try. These works best for those who love lipsticks with matte finish.

3.5/5 (keeping in account the limited colors and the gradation part)

Let me know if you were able to try these lippies and what do you feel about them!!
Till then, Bbye!!

Sunday 24 January 2016


Hello Friends!!

Starting with the type of skin I have..

I have a combination skin which gets little oily around the T zone areas. I had a very clear skin until last year, however I have developed some acne and their marks on both my cheeks now :(

The products mentioned below are included in my current morning skincare routine to work against the issues I am facing now. So let's get started!!!

Step 1: Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel

I came across this face wash when my face was filled with pimples and acne. I used it for 2 weeks & fell in love with it! It not only stopped break outs but has reduced the old acne scars as well. A must for the acne prone skin !
Price: Rs. 550/- for 100ml

Step 2: Vichy Eau Thermale Spa Water

I use the Spa water after washing my face and before applying the moisturizer. As I have a combination skin, this product helps remove the dryness. Sometimes, I also use it to refresh my make up after 3-4 hours. This does not remove the foundation and immediately refreshes my skin!
Price: Rs. 650/- for 150ml

Step 3: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On

This product definitely helps reduce your puffy eyes! It comes with a roll on applicator which makes it easy to apply. When applied, it gets absorbed very quickly and provides a soothing effect. However, it does not help to lighten the dark circles.
Price: Rs. 950/- for 15ml

Step 4: Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot Cream

This little tube contains a very good spot treatment cream for acne. The tube has a tiny nozzle which makes the application quite easy and hygienic. This is a paraben and silicon free product. It contains salicylic acid which helps heal acne/pimples without leaving any marks! 
Price: Rs. 850/- for 15ml

Step 5: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

This is the second bottle that I am using! It is a combination of oil-free moisturiser and sun screen with SPF 15. It comes with a hygienic pump top cap which is easy to use. 1 pump of the product is good enough to moisturize my face and neck. This takes 5-10 minutes to get absorbed and keeps it hydrated for minimum 5-6 hours.
Price: Rs. 250 for 115ml

I am still searching for a good under eye cream to help reduce my dark circles. Do let me know if any product is working for you.

Well, this is my current everyday routine and takes less than 15 minutes. Do let me know what is your routine and what products suits you.

Till then, Bbye!

Friday 22 January 2016


I have recently discovered this small magic tube in the market. I know.. I am very late and it has been out there since quite long time but I think this deserves appreciation!!

Coming to the review
 Price - Rs. 295/- INR for 30ml.

 Available shades:
  • 02 Gleam (a little pinkish shade)
  • 03 Gold
  • 04 Bronze (brownish shade)
  • 05 Shiny beige
  • 06 White
Packaging & Formula: 
It comes in a sleek tube like plastic packaging with a very tiny nozzle for the product to come out.

   - Reasonably priced
   - Since its in liquid form so no fallouts
   - Lasts for 3-4 hours
   - Gives a beautiful glow to the face when used with foundation
   - Buildable
   - The tiny nozzle opening prevents the product from being wasted
   - Easy to carry

  - Contains shimmer particles so needs to be used carefully during daytime
  - Lots of glitter sticks to your finger/brush when applying!! so a little extra is required to build up the glow.

  This product can be used as a highlighter for cheek bones, nose, cupid bow. It can also be used as an overall face highlighter when mixed with the regular foundation. It brings the extra glow on the face without making you look all glittery. Overall a good product to be used!!


Monday 18 January 2016

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