Thursday 30 June 2016


Hi There!!

If you are into cosmetics & makeup, you must be hearing the name 'Makeup Revolution' quite a lot these days. They have an amazing collection which are very reasonably priced. I have recently added a lot from their collection into mine :). One of them is the Sugar & Spice Ultra Blush palette.

Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice Ultra Blush Palette

Tuesday 28 June 2016


Hello Everyone!!

Hope you had a good weekend and having a peaceful week :)

I am here with a very interesting topic.
We all have a cute little table beside our beds that we bought with an intention to use it smartly and to make the room look beautiful. Gradually, this table becomes our dumping ground (at least for me :P) and reduces the charm of your room.
After so long finally I was able to understand what exactly needs to be there on my bedside table and what should be immediately removed. So I thought of sharing it with you.

And finally now my bedside looks like this!

To tell you the truth, this is not how it initially looked like. It was a complete mess, with useless things lying on it. 

Now I have the following on the table :

Bedside Lamp: This is very important and you should definitely keep one. Switching on the main lights at midnight will surely wake the other person up and I am sure nobody wants that! Keeping a low level lamp throws the light on the floor and help you move around easily.

A Bottle Of Water: Everyone knows and I am sure does that already :) 

Mobile Charger: Mobile users like me use the phone through out the day. So, I make sure to put it on charge and unplug it before I sleep. Mobile phones should not be charged the whole night!

A Flower Vase: Be it a small or big vase, artificial or real flowers, this changes the way your room looks and brightens it up immediately :). I have used an old wine bottle and some artificial flowers which makes my table look so cute :)

Well, these are on the top shelf and I have the whole mess on the 2nd shelf.

Magazines: We subscribe to so many magazines or buy books and keep them at the bedside. This gradually grows into a pile. So, I make sure to remove all the old ones every month and leave only the most recent magazines and only 1 unread book. This practise really helps to keep the table clean.

A Big Red Box: This is my biggest saviour! I had all my creams, medicines spread on the table. I could not remove any of those as I need them every night and those were making my table look dirty. Now, I have this beautiful red box which is deep, keeps everything hidden, accessible and also adds some color to my room.

Let's see what my magic Red Box has :)

Inside My Big Red Box

  • My Night Cream
  • Face Serum
  • Eye Cream
  • Body Butter
  • Hand Cream
  • Lip Balm
  • My Medicines
  • Earphones
I know you must be thinking that's a lot! I use all of these every night and I also have few medicines which I forget to take if they are not in front of me. Yup that's how I am!

You can also add few candles but make sure to keep it safely. It is very important to have a clean bedroom for your sound sleep. So, I try my best to at least keep my bed and side table clean. 
Hope you find this post useful and do let us know if you have more suggestions for us :)

Until then..

Friday 24 June 2016


Hello Everyone!

I am back with the review of the second product from the package - Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch.

Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch

US $1.80 || Rs. 120/- for 1 Treatment (2 eye patches).

It Claims:

  • Helps feeding collagen nutrition for firming skin around under eye area
  • Refreshing & Moisturising
  • Visible anti wrinkle effect & elasticity
  • Excellent revitalisation
  • Main purpose: hydration, firming, reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • It has TDS (Transdermal Delivery System) technology. Provides beneficial nutrition
  • This patch supply intense hydration and relaxation to your tired eyes and delivers nutrients to your eye skin.

How to Use The Eye Patch?

  1. After cleansing your face, remove moisture with a towel.
  2. Peel off the patch from plastic liner and apply the patch to appropriate area , but before applying anything else under the eyes
  3. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and remove the patches
  4. After removing the patches, rinsing is not required.

My Take On The Eye Patch:
The packet has 2 crescent shaped eye patches (1 for each eye). These need to be peeled from the plastic as applied under your eyes. These are like stickers which sets once you apply on your face. It only comes off once you try to peel them, which is good since I can work easily with these applied on my face :)

I kept the eye patches for around 30 mins and did not apply anything after removing them. I could see that my under eye area is moisturised and relaxed.

Don't be scared by looking at my picture :P

  - Moisturises and relaxes your under eye area
  - Sets on your face and you can do all your work without any issues
  - Makes your under eye area nourished
  - No breakup after I used it
  - Affordable
  - Easy to use and hygienic

  - The effect did not last for very long

The eye patch showed some good immediate effects on my face but it did not last long. May be if used regularly, the changes will be prominent and will last for a long time. Overall, not super excited about it but would like to try if it works after being used regularly as I suffer from bad dark circles and looking for a solution :(


Wednesday 22 June 2016


Hello Lovely Ladies!!

Hope you are having a beautiful week. Well my week started with a lot of shopping :). A lot of makeup and other stuffs, so be prepared to see a lot of reviews and other posts on the blog.

I am here today with my review and swatches of my Bobbi Brown lipsticks. I had asked one of my friend travelling from USA to purchase these for me and finally I have them with me.

My Bobbi Brown Collection

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Watermelon (97)

This is such a beautiful shade with such a cute name 'Watermelon'. It is a pink lipstick with hint of coral. It has a creamy, semi matte finish and is highly pigmented. Just one swipe and your face starts glowing immediately. 
The lipstick stays for a good 6-7 hours with very less transfer. It has castor oil and it smells of that, which I did not like. This is a very beautiful shade that can be worn both during day and night with a lip liner as it bleeds a bit. Overall, I love the shade and using it regularly.

Price: Rs. 2300/- for 3.4 gm. I got it on sale.

Bobbi Brown in Watermelon (97)

How It Looks On Me?

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Ibiza Pink (43) 

I just love this shade. This is a very beautiful pink with purple undertones. These lasts for at least 7-8 hours on my lips without transferring or bleeding at all. I can go on and on with all the good things about the lipstick as I do not see any cons in this one! The lipstick is perfect for all skin tones and is definitely worth every penny spent.

Price: Rs. 2400/- for 3.8 gm. I got it on sale.

Bobbi Brown in Ibiza Pink (43)


How It Looks On me?

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange

This is a beautiful Orange shade. It comes in a shape of a big chubby pencil with a sturdy cap on one side and shade display on the other side. It is soft and creamy, stays on my lips for 6-8 hours. However, it needs to reapplied after a full meal as it transfers. Applying the lipstick using this pencil helps me fill my lips properly and make it look well defined. It is quite pigmented and does not make your lips dry.

Price: Rs. 2500/- for 5.6 gm. I got it on sale.

Sunset Orange


How It Looks On Me?

Look book:

Overall Thoughts:

I am loving the texture and the staying power of these lipsticks. All of these are so pigmented that its one swipe and I don't need to worry about reapplying for a very long time. Although, the prices are on the higher side but these are worth every penny. Definitely worth a try!

Monday 20 June 2016


Hello Everyone!!

I had opted for the 3 months Fab Bag subscription in March and it had ended with May's one. I prefer taking the 3 month plan as it gives me the option to check the received products and decide if I want to still go ahead with it. Looking at the review of the amazing products this month, I could not resist myself and renewed my subscription again!

Fab Bag crew gives the option to cancel your bags before 25th of every month and the process is quite simple. So you don't need to wait to subscribe but this is just what i do.

The biggest attraction of this month's bag for me is the bag itself. Its black and says 'Too Glam To Give A Damn". Just love it. I think this is going to be my Go To makeup bag :)

June Fab Bag

Moving to the goodies inside:

  A pamphlet with all the product details
  Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter (Rs. 499/- for 50 gm) - The bag has a 20 gm box. I have not heard about this brand much and could not find much over the internet. The Shea Butter is bit yellowish in color with a distinctive fragrance. I applied a bit on my hand and was impressed with the product. It got absorbed immediately and made my hand looked non greasy. Personally I did not like the smell but I think it might go away in some time. Would love to try this again.

  Janseen RoC Serum ( Rs. 2000/- for 30 ml) - The bag has a full size bottle of this. I love using serums on my face regularly and have used all the serums sent in Fab Bag earlier (Votre & Just Herbs) and loved them. I noticed that the serum was manufactured in November 2014 and will expire by November 2016, so this needs to be used ASAP. I immediately searched for this online and read good reviews about this, so excited to try it.

Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub (Rs. 845/-) - The bag has a full size product. I just love the smell of coffee. I have also used few coffee face packs and scrubs before and loved them. This is a natural body exfoliator and paraben free. Excited to try this one.

Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon (Stone Henge Rs.1200/-) - While renewing my subscription, I was given the option to select the shade and I selected Stone Henge. The bag has a full size product which will last for a very long time. The shade looks very beautiful with little bit of shimmer which can be worn on regular basis. Stay tuned for a new look using this :)

I am very happy with all the products send in this month's bag and looking forward to use all of them. Let me know if you have subscribed to Fab Bag yet and what is your favourite product.

Until then..

Thursday 16 June 2016


Hello Everyone!

Finally the rain is here to give us some relief from the scorching heat. Everywhere I see there are clouds and greenery.
However with this rain also comes another set of problems. There is increased traffic, slippery roads and innumerable diseases. It becomes very important to take care of your immunity and of your loved ones to survive this weather without getting sick.

I am here with few things that helps me to keep my immunity intact and fight against diseases during the rainy or winter season. :)

We all know the importance of drinking water. Few of them being: it helps to flush out all the toxins from our body, boosts immune system and improves your skin complexion. Make sure to drink at least 1 litre of water a day. Drinking plain water can be boring sometimes. You can prepare infused water by adding fruits or herbs to your regular water. I will soon be doing a separate post to show all the infused water that I love!

Orange Juice:
This is a very good source of Vitamin C that helps to prevent cold. Having a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice makes sure you get your dose of sugar craving along with the required amount of Vitamin C :). Orange juice also helps maintain your Blood Pressure levels and has healing properties.

Kadha (Herbal Tea):
There are many herbal teas available in the market but the one made at home is always very pure and is effective immediately.

Below are the ingredients for the Herbal tea:
  Ginger - helps with congestion
  Basil Leaves - improves immunity
  Cardamom Seeds - used for detoxification and also aids in digestion
  Black Peppercon - has healing properties
  Cloves - improves digestion and used as oral anti septic
  Honey - has healing properties

Add all the ingredients except Honey in a vessel. Add 2 cups of water and boil the mixture. Keep heating it until the water reduces to 1 cup.

Use a strainer to pour the tea into the cup and add 1 spoon of honey to it. Your kadha is ready and this can be taken throughout the day.

Kadha (Herbal Tea)

Turmeric Milk (Golden Milk): 
I take this regularly before going to bed. With all the healing properties, Turmeric helps to prepare my body to fight against cough and cold. The milk keeps your body temperature regulated and increases your immunity.
  Milk - 1 cup
  Turmeric - 1 tea spoon
  Saffron (Kesar) - 4 strands
  Sugar - as per your taste

I add Saffron additionally as it promotes the overall well being of the body. It helps improve digestion and maintains Blood Pressure. However, This should be taken in a limited quantity.


Boil a cup of milk and add turmeric,sugar and saffron. Stir it well and have the milk before it gets cold.

Golden Milk
 Hope you will find something here to add in your daily lifestyle to improve your immunity. 
Stay healthy, stay strong and enjoy the season!


Friday 10 June 2016


Hello Everyone!

I have always heard so many amazing things about Korean Skincare and was so keen to try their products. Finally got the opportunity to try them from a website .

I have received 5 products from them and I am here with the review of the first mask - Fresh Fruit Acai Berry Real Nature Mask Face.

US $0.95 || Rs. 64/- INR for 1 sheet (21 ml of serum)

These masks are available on .

Few of the masks have all the details mentioned at the back in English. Unfortunately, this one has everything in Korean so I am not sure about the ingredients :(

Packaging & Texture:
The face mask comes in a very cute and bright packaging. It has 1 mask inside made of pure cotton which is quite large and can fit any face properly.
The mask is in shape of the face with proper cuts for eyes, nose and mouth. The face mask is covered with the hydrating serum on both the sides and has a fruity fragrance which does not linger for long.

How To Use The Mask?
Since the instructions are all in Korean in this one, I reached out to the other packet which stated:

  'After washing your face, spread the sheet mask evenly over the face, leave it for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask, gently pat until fully absorbed. This is a daily care product that is helpful to skin everyday.'

My Take On The Face Mask:
As soon as I took the mask out of the packet, the room was filled with a sweet fragrance which vanished in sometime. The mask has the serum with gel like consistency on both the sides and does not drip at all. Before applying the mask, I washed my face with my regular face wash, applied the mask and kept it on for good 25 minutes. The mask immediately made me feel very refreshing and was very soothing.

The mask was not dry even after 25 minutes and still had a lot of serum. I used my fingers to massage my face so that the serum get absorbed completely. Also used the rest of the serum from the mask all over my neck line, giving a good massage to my neck :)

After removing the mask, my face felt sticky for sometime which was gone later. My face looked very clean, soft and hydrated after removing the mask!

  - Quite Affordable
  - Smells good
  - Easily available on
  - Leaves your skin soft and hydrated
  - Gives a glow to your face.
  - Mask fits very well on the face without any issues

  - Not available everywhere
  - Ingredients are not mentioned in English like other masks.

This is the first face mask that I have used and I am very happy with the results. It makes your skin so smooth and hydrated, giving an added glow to the face. I am surely going to get my hand on more of this mask and now eager to try other ranges as well.


Wednesday 8 June 2016


What Is Colour Correction?

We are well aware of the use of concealers when it comes to hiding those dark circles under our eyes or few spots here and there, however there are more issues with our face. Most of us have concerns like acne scars, marks, redness, dark circles, uneven skin tone and many more.

Concealers are of same shade (or 1 shade lighter) that our skin tone and they often fail to give us that flawless, single skin tone that we look for. This is when the colour correction palettes can be very helpful. I might be sounding a bit confusing but hope it will be all clear as we read further :)

How to Colour Correct Your Face?

Let's have a look at the below color circle. This would help us to understand why do we need color correction and how to use it.

A very simple rule to follow: Colours directly across from another cancels the other out.

Dark Circles:
These dreaded dark circles are mostly blue or purple( depending on your skin tone). From the Colour Chart we can see that Orange is opposite to Blue and Yellow/Green is opposite to Violet/Blue Violet. Applying an Orange/Green/Yellow corrector will help you remove all your dark circles and give a same toned face.

Redness/Acne Scars/Marks:
As the Circle shows, Green corrector is your way to get rid of all the redness over your face, any marks or acne scars.

Uneven Skin Tone:
If you have dark or dull skin patches, Yellow is your option to help brighten up those area. You can use a Purple corrector to fight against the paleness showing up on your face.

Hope this post helps you in to understand a little bit more about your face and how to get a perfect, flawless one. Let me know if you are using any correctors or if you have more tips to share with us.

Until then..

Saturday 4 June 2016


Hello Everyone!

Another month gone and I am back with my 'Monthly Favourites'. This May was full of travel, excitement, super shiny sun and lots of rain. Below are few of the products that was loved and used non stop by me throughout 'May'.

Starting with my most valuable :)

Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover - This is my 3rd bottle! I am completely in love with the makeup remover. It is very gentle on your skin, oil free and also very effective. It helps clear all the makeup from your face including the waterproof mascaras. Just pour some on the cotton pad, keep it on your eyelids for 30 seconds and wipe it off. Follow this with your face wash.

Revital H Tablets For Woman - This is the daily health supplement for woman. Even though we eat good, healthy meals, our body does not get the required doses of all the vitamins and minerals. I take 1 tablet every day post breakfast and can feel my elevated energy level and reduced fatigue.

Loreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder - With the rising temperature, it is very difficult to put on heavy foundation and go out. The Magic Nude Liquid Powder is perfect for this season! It is in liquid form which settles as powder after application. This liquid powder does not melt unlike other foundations in summer and stays for long without any cakey look. I had started with almost a new bottle and already finished three-fourth part :)

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick in P166 - This is a bright pink shade that immediately brightens up my face. With so much of sun around, I just apply some compact powder and this one on my lips to head out any time :)

Revlon Nail Enamel in 458 Sunny Yellow - You can easily make out from my Instagram posts that I am completely in love with this shade. I have been wearing this since past 2 weeks and it lasts at least for a week without chipping. Definitely worth a try!

My Black & Golden Neck Piece - I bought these from a local store and this is just a prefect piece to glam up any look. Sometimes, I even carry this in my purse to change my day wear into a party wear.. this neck piece and some lipstick, I am ready to party :)

I am eager to know what were your favourites from last month, be it a book or anything. Let me know if you want me to review any of these products completely on my blog.

Until then..

Wednesday 1 June 2016


With summers killing us, the only thing that comes to my mind is water.. sea.. blue!

I have created this look with blue eyes which can be easily worn during the day with nude lips or at night with a bright lipstick. Wore it with a flowery Blue dress and bright nails for the complete Summer ready look.

Products Used:

  Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
  Loreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder
  MAC Concealer
  Maybelline Compact Powder
  Maybelline Fit me Blush in Medium Nude
  Freedom Professional Bronzer
  Sivanna Colors Shimmer Brick

  Makeup Revolution 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome' Eye Shadow Palette
  Makeup Revolution 'Colour Chaos' Eye Shadow Palette
  Essence Big Lashed Mascara
  Sugar Eye Told You So Eye Liner

I started with Shade 1, applying all over my eyelids.
Taking Shade 2 on a dome shaped brush, I applied it all over my crease line, extending it outwards.
Dabbed the Shade 3 on the eye lids, taking little into the crease area and blended it completely with the already applied colors.
Finally applied Shade 4 all over the eyelids and used Shade 5 under my brow bones to highlight them.

  Maybelline Lipstick in REB07
  Revlon Coloburst Lacquer Balm in 140

Hope you liked the look. Let me know your thoughts :)
Until then..