Friday 4 August 2017


Hello Everyone!!

I took a little break..well a long one and now I am back! Hoping to stay and continue with all new things :)

Today I am here to talk on a very addicted topic 🙂🙂. According to me, the world is divided in two parts:
          The Coffee Lovers 
         The Tea/Chai Lovers

And obviously there are a few who loves a bit of both. Well I am from the Coffee World and just thinking about it makes me want to have a cup of it!

Apart from having cups of coffee, I also wanted to know more about it and try to add it into my daily routine.
If you are someone who has loads and loads of coffee regulary and afraid that you are overdoing it, I have a few things that will make you happy!

So let's start!

Benefits Of Coffee:

Mind & Body:
  • Coffee helps increase adrenaline, means you are more ready for any physical activity! It is for the same reason to recommend to have a small cup of black coffee 1-2 hours before gym
  • It increases our energy levels, also sometimes leading to sleepless nights 😀
  • Helps burn fat and boosts metabolism
  • Acts as an anti-depressant. Just the smell of coffee can make you feel happy!
  • Helps boost memory
  • Makes you feel full for long with very less/zero calorie (if it is black)
  • Helps balance your cholesterol levels


Did you know - Coffee is one of the easily available and excellent ingredient for our skincare routine?

Face Masks:

  • Coffee & Honey pack - Coffee helps against skin damages, reduces eye puffiness and honey provides the required moisture.
  • Coffee, oatmeal & yogurt pack - Along with the benefits of coffee, oatmeal helps exfoliate and yogurt helps in toning your skin texture
  • Coffee & cacao pack - Both of these ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants and also help repair skin damages. And they smell so amazing too!!
  • Coffee & Olive oil pack - Olive oil when used with coffee helps moisturise your face and also exfoliates it
  • Coffee, turmeric & yogurt pack - Turmeric is the magic powder! With the benefits of coffee and yogurt, turmeric helps to brighten the face.

Eye Mask:

Coffee can also be used as eye masks as it helps reduce puffiness. When added with correct products, it can do wonders!
  • Coffee & coconut oil mask
  • Coffee & aloe vera mask
  • Coffee & egg white mask - for tightening your skin

Lip Scrub:
  • Coffee with some honey & oil - mix all these together, give your lips a good massage and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. All the dead skin will just vanish!
  • Coffee with sugar & oil - exfoliates your lips so perfectly!

Body/Face Scrub:

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Coffee is very good when it comes to scrubbing. Be it face or body, it takes away all the dead cells while repairing the skin damages.
  • Coffee, raw sugar, salt & oil
  • Coffee, cinnamon & coconut oil
  • Coffee & oil
  • Coffee & honey

So here are a few of the ways you can add a bit more of coffee into your life. Do let me know if you are using coffee in your skincare routine already or planning to use it now. Would love to know how you add it into your regular days. Also let me know which world do you belong too!

Waiting to hear from you.

Until then...

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