Thursday 25 May 2017


Summer is here!!

For most of us 😃 ! I am currently in Australia and now is just the onset of winters here. And I am soooo happy :). Staying in the city with moderate temperature before this did not give me the opportunity to enjoy the winters. Finally, I am having fun now!

Coming back to the topic - Summer! The season calls for bright colours all around with minimal makeup and very light clothing. When you plan on heading out, the first thing to comes to our mind is what to wear 😀😅. At least this is with for us ladies, right!!

If you are inclined more towards western wear & managed a healthy figure (😉), one of the outfit that pops up is a crop top with a pair of denim shorts/bottoms. It looks so cool and effortless. Pair it with sandals and some chunky jewellery & you look perfect!

However, if you are on the heavier side, just like, me crop tops are out of question. They are short in length and can help show your belly more which I don't prefer at all! Does this mean that we curvy ladies should totally give up on our dreams to wear crop top?? Not at all!!

I am here with 2 looks which can be worn very easily during summer time. Easy breezy outfits that looks stylish, elegant and also helps me hide my belly fat!! 😎😊

Look 1:

Crop Top with Palazzo Pants

Considering the temperature, I opted for a cold shoulder dark green crop top.
If paired with shorts/jeans, the crop tops displays my belly fat 😪. So instead I paired it with a black palazzo. The dark colours and the flowy material helps you look fitter and also does not feel heavy.

I paired the dress with a pair of black sunglasses, open sandals and a bright coral lipstick. So ready for summers!

Look 2:

Crop Top with Slit Long Skirt

Pair your favourite crop top with a long slit skirt. Added a pair of chunky, silver necklace along with the sunglasses and sandals.

I enjoyed creating both the looks and it really helped me to get over my fear of crop tops. Do share your story with something that you are afraid to wear. Let's dare ourselves and overcome our fear :)