Wednesday 4 January 2017


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Itssilky Family is growing! Please join me to invite my friend Charu from Winks and Pout, who is also a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. We have joined hands together to bring to you the reviews and details of all the wonderful skincare, makeup products. So, let's sit back and enjoy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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I hope you all are keeping in best of your health and enjoying the winters. I like winters in the initial phase but extreme winters take toll on my skin making it dry, flaky and rough. And knowing the lazy bum I am, I am the last one to take care of my body skin during winters. But I still manage to cope up with it somehow..๐Ÿ˜€ Read further to know about my perfect winter finding.
Winter and dry skin goes hand in hand and I find it a task to keep my skin nourished and healthy. However I am stuck on a regime that has kept my skin nourished and healthy till now. (I might do a detailed post on it later) I just hope it will combat the extreme Delhi winters as well..๐Ÿ˜‰ Today I want to talk about a scrub that has all the points to be called perfect winter scrub. It is a blend of nourishing and essentials oils with sugar to give skin the right amount of exfoliation and nourishment.
I have always been fascinated by The Bath and Body Works products. But getting hands on all of them in India is quiet not possible. Though we do get body mist, body lotions and shower gels from the brand here in India, however I find them way to expensive than in the States and you will not find all of the products as well. I hope the brand opens their stores in India too. My friend brought this one for me from States and since then I am crushing over it.


Use during a shower or bath before bedtime to smooth skin, while an aromatherapy blend of essential oils soothes and calms so you can sleep better. Scoop out a handful of this skin-softening sugar scrub and massage gently over skin. Rinse well.
Breathe deeply for best results.

$16 for 368gms (Around 1100 INR)

This comes in a huge and heavy tub packaging which is definitely not at all travel friendly. All the sugar granules settle at the bottom and the oil form the top layer. One has to mix it vigorously with a spoon or a spatula before using it. The tub comes covered with a foil lining which has to be removed before using it. The oil may leak if the tub is shaken a lot r turned upside down.

This one is from their Aromatherapy Range and is Lavender and Chamomile based Scrub. It really relaxes my senses and the aroma it just to die for. I mix it using a spoon and then take out a spoon full of the sugar and oil in my hands and scrub all over my body. After few strokes, the sugar particles start melting away with the body heat and feels really relaxing. The aroma fills up the bathroom and relaxes your senses well. I love using this scrub in winter specially because apart from getting away with the dead skin cells, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin well. I don’t not use any body wash or soap after using it, instead I take a nice shower before I use scrub. That way the skin is well moisturized for the scrub to work and for the oils to soak in. I just rinse away the scrub with water and I am done. If you have very dry skin, you may use a good body moisturizer after this; however I just use a light body lotion to just seal in all the moisture. The skin feels smooth and healthy after using it. When I am not using it as a scrub, I take few drop of oil from the tub and apply it on my pulse points and it just helps me to unwind. The oil doesn’t feel too greasy or sticky for you to use in such way.  This is my own way of incorporating it in my daily routine. It has a strong scent to it and it might be not a pleasing experience for those who do not like strong fragrances or have a sensitive nose.

  • Scrubs off dead skin cells effectively
  • Nourishes the skin as it has oils in it
  • Nice aroma helps in relaxing the senses
  • The oil can be sniffed or applied to temples when not using the scrub
  • Not tested on animals
  • Availability in India
  • Bulky and huge packaging
  • Not very travel friendly
  • Would need a spoon or a spatula to use it with
  • The container is not leak proof and leaks if turned upside down
  • Pricey
  • Fragrance might be bothersome for sensitive nose.
I love using this scrub to bits and would recommend you to try it as well if you can get your hands on one. If you love aromatherapy and enjoy different scents and at the same time want to pamper your skin, then just go for it.
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