Monday 21 March 2016


                                      Happy Holi Everyone!!!

Happy Holi

I can't believe that two and a half months have gone and the festival of Holi is already here!!
Although I love colours, I have never been a big fan of Holi as the painted faces always scare me :P

Not only these painted faces scare others, they are super tough to get rid of and damages the skin badly. So, I have assembled a few do's and dont's to help you enjoy the festival and also maintain your skin & hair just the way it was !!


 Before/During Holi:

  • Try to use only herbal/natural colors to play Holi.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout so that the colors do not stick and get absorbed on your body completely
  • Apply a lot of oil (mustard/coconut/Johnson's baby oil) at least 1 hour before you start to play. This will help you remove the colours quickly and easily.
  • Since you would be playing with colours outside, apply a generous amount of sunscreen lotion to help you protect from tanning.
  • Try to wear clothes with full length and full sleeves so that most of your body parts stays covered and absorbs less colour. 
  • Oil your hair at least 1 hour before so that the colours do not stick to it. I know looking all oily might not look like a good idea but you can try using non sticky oils, helping you look gorgeous as well !!
  • Use a colourful head bandana to cover your hair from colours and make you look good.

  • Makeup for the day:
            - Apply a dark shade of nail polish (at least 2 coats) on your nails
            - Use a waterproof mascara to make your eyes look wide and some kajal on your water line.
            - Either go with a colourful lip balm or a nude lipstick for your lips so that the colors does not stick to it

After Holi:

  • The most important thing is to take bath while you are wet as it helps to remove the colours quickly.
  • Use lukewarm water with few drops of baby oil for bath.
  • Put 1 drop of rose water in your eyes to get rid of any colors or irritation.
  • Apply some malai on your lips to remove the colour stains and to keep it hydrated.
  • Use gentle body wash for the first time. Then apply some home made packs to remove the tough ones:
              For dry skin: mix gram flour (Besan) with milk/yoghurt and apply wherever color is still there. Let it stay for a while and gently massage and clean it.
              For oily skin: Use multani mitti pack.

  • If your skin feels irritated, apply aloe vera gel on the affected area and let it get absorbed.


  • Do not go for any skin treatment (bleach, threading, facial, waxing) or hair treatment at least 1 week before and after Holi. These treatments makes your skin and hair sensitive and prone to irritation or other problems.
  • Do not apply any foundation/BB/CC cream as it might react with the colours.
  • Scrubs, kerosene, tooth paste should not be used to remove the colours. Rather give your skin some time and let the colours come out naturally.

I have tried to list out all the points that would help you keep yourself safe during the festival of Holi. Although, it takes a lot of time to remove the colours but the enjoyment that we had makes up for it. I hope you are able to get some good suggestions from here and you enjoy the festival ! Do let me know if I have missed something or you have some more info to share.

Wishing you all a very happy & Safe Holi!!

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