Thursday 25 February 2016


Another one from the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes... COLOUR CHAOS!!
I have been using multiple products from the brand 'Makeup Revolution ' and they seem to be quite impressive.

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Eye Shadow Palette

This is a set of 18 exclusive shades - 12 shimmers and 6 mattes. It is a beautiful collection of all bright and eye catching colors that catches your attention immediately.

Rs. 1350/- INR for 13gm

I love their packaging. It is complete black with alphabets in golden which makes it look classy and expensive. The pack is quite sturdy and travel friendly. The palette comes with a full sized mirror on one side and a small applicator. Although, I use my own brushes/fingers to apply the shades, the applicator can be used initially for the same.

Shades & Texture:

The MUR Colour Chaos palette consists of 18 shades both shimmer and matte. Talking about the shades individually:

 #Gleam - This is a bright glittery silver, like it! It builds up quite well and is also perfect for brightening the corner of the eyes. I tried wearing it as a single color and also with other shades. This goes superb in both the cases!

#Wkd - A beautiful, soft & creamy blue shade with little bit of glitter. Pigmentation is good and its buildable.

#Tom Tom - This is the colour of the 'Tomato'.. a mix of orange and red. Blends quite easily and shows up beautifully on the eyes.

#Pink Obsessed - Again a beautiful shade that can be used with many other shades. It has a slight amount of shimmer which makes it shine on the eye lids.

#On A Mission - Interesting name! Its a gorgeous mix of blue and green. Appears to be metallic on the lids.

#Over Board - This shade looks so beautiful in the palette and I had assumed that it would brighten up any look, but this shade is quite a disappointment. It is very chalky and does not build up. The colour vanishes while blending and not at pigmented.

#Needed To... - Its a shimmery Magenta shade. Not quite pigmented but not as bad as Over Board.

#Me Three - Nice purple eye shadow. Takes time to build up but looks beautiful.

#Do It Now.. - The name makes you feel excited! Loved the 'Green Apple' shade. Not very pigmented but makes your eyes appear bright and big.

#Toxic Apple-tini - Quite shimmery and appear some what yellowish on your lids. Looks like some effort would be required to mix and match this shade so that it does not make you look all ill!!

#Ammunition - A stunning greyish purple shade. It requires some time to build up but looks amazing on the lids.

#Deliver Me - Less pigmented but buildable dark green shade. This can be used to balance out the bright colors in the palette and looks nice on brown eyes.

Swatches of 12 Shimmer shades

The rest 6 shades are matte which actually was a great disappointment. All the shades are flaky and not pigmented at all. These does not build up and requires a lot of effort to show them.

Swatches of 6 Matte shades

 - Beautiful shades
 - Reasonably priced
 - Most of the shimmer shades are pigmented and looks beautiful on all the skin tones
 - No fall outs
 - Sturdy packaging with a big mirror and an applicator

 - Few matte shades are not pigmented and does not show up on the eyes.

How it looks on me:
Used 'Do it now, Over-bored and Gleam' for the below look.

I would recommend this palette to those who loves to play with colours and are ready to experiment.
When used with other combinations, these would look superb on the eyes.


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